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Looking for Hi-Fi Rush cheats on Xbox Series X, Xbox One & PC? Here we’ll list Hi-Fi Rush cheat codes and unlockables with tips for Tango’s new music rhythm-action game.

Here we will show you how to unlock all Hi-Fi Rush codes with a cheats list that’s valid for the PC, Xbox One & Xbox Series X versions (where available).

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Hi-Fi Rush How To Unlock Rhythm Master Mode

HFR Acc Difficulty in-body

How to unlock Rhythm Master Mode: A fifth difficulty setting, Rhythm Master becomes available to players after completing the main story for the first time. In this new difficulty setting, the player receives a Game Over when their ranking falls below a certain grade during combat.

Players choose an initial difficulty upon starting a new game but can also change the difficulty in-game under: “Settings”, “Gameplay”, “Other Settings”, and selecting “Rhythm Master”. Changing the difficulty during the game will restart the player from their most recent checkpoint.

Hi-Fi Rush How To Unlock Streamer Mode’s Completely New Soundtrack

How to unlock a completely New Soundtrack with Streamer Mode: You can turn on Streamer Mode in-game by going to: “Options”, “Gameplay”, “Other Settings”, and enabling “Streamer Mode”.

Hi-Fi Rush includes this streamer-friendly alternate audio mode which replaces each level & boss fight’s licensed songs with completely original tracks made especially for streaming Hi-Fi Rush. Check it out to find out which of the two different soundtracks you prefer.

Because it can sometimes be tricky posting content online that contains licensed music. When streaming or sharing gameplay clips of Hi-Fi RUSH, it’s recommend turning on the game’s Streamer Mode, which replaces the licensed tracks with an original soundtrack!

Hi-Fi Rush How To Unlock The Secret Easiest Difficulty

How to unlock the secret Easiest Difficulty Level: By activating two Modes, Auto-Action & Single Key Rhythm Game, in essence you’ll create a super simple gameplay difficulty.

How to enable Auto-Action Mode: Auto-Action Mode can be accessed under: “Options”, “Accessibility”, “Gameplay”, and enabling “Auto-Action Mode”.

Note that Auto-Action can only be enabled on Easy and Normal difficulties, and some challenges found outside the main story may require disabling Auto-Action Mode to clear. Additionally, some types of gameplay may still require responding to specific button prompts, particularly outside of combat.

Auto-Action Mode is an assistance feature available for users that have difficulty performing complex button actions or difficulty using the full set of actions during the game. In Auto-Action mode, simply pressing one of the attack buttons on the beat allows Chai to battle on his own. With Auto-Action enabled, Chai prioritizes attacks used for certain enemies and uses a variety of moves so that players can still have a larger-than-life battle experience. Chai will also dodge and parry and grapple enemies using the attack button in this mode, but these actions can still be performed at will with their corresponding inputs.

How to enable Single Key Rhythm Game Mode: Single Key Rhythm Game can be accessed via the in-game settings, under: “Options”, “Accessibility”, “Gameplay”, and enabling “Single Key Rhythm Game Mode”.

The default input for this mode is the X button on controller/Left Mouse Button (LMB) for mouse & keyboard.

Hi-Fi RUSH includes some rhythm game elements that often require pressing multiple buttons to proceed. For those experiencing difficulties performing these actions, Single Key Rhythm Game Mode maps all rhythm game elements to a single button. This will not affect progression or score, nor will it impact your timing, so you still need to feel the beat to perform these sequences.

Hi-Fi Rush How To Unlock Numbered Door Challenges

How to unlock Numbered Door Challenges: Numbered Doors become available to players after completing the main story for the first time.

The Numbered Doors are found after you fight on the rooftop where you can see the QA center in Track 1. After you activate the bridge, where the hint robot moves around there’s a ledge with a bunch of cones. You can jump down there and there’s the first Numbered Door.

Complete the challenge inside each room and find out more about the signals.

Hi Fi Rush How To Open Numbered Doors

Hi-Fi Rush How To Fix Input Lag

How to fix Input Lag: Low latency is essential for having the best experience playing Hi-Fi RUSH. Latency describes the delay between the game registering an input and players seeing it displayed on-screen. While the game accounts for a reasonable amount of latency, playing in a high-latency environment may cause difficulties when timing your inputs to the beat.

Here are some tips for reducing latency for your gaming setup:

  • It’s highly recommend setting your TV to gaming mode, or an equivalent setting to reduce input lag.
  • Connect your console or PC directly to your display. Additional connections between devices such as an audio tuner or cable box may add latency.
  • In rare cases, a wireless controller may potentially add latency in environments where significant Bluetooth signals are present. For the lowest possible latency, we recommend a wired connection.

Checking Latency and Low Latency Input

HFR Aud Latency Check in-body

Not sure if the audio and video are syncing up correctly? We’ve included a Latency Check feature in the game’s options to help detect any noticeable lag.

HFR Aud Low Latency Input in-body

While in the settings, players can also toggle on Low Latency Input, prioritizing your inputs for a slight adjustment of latency. Note that this feature may slightly reduce game performance for some players, so we recommend tinkering with these options to find the experience that’s best for you.

Hi-Fi Rush Unlockable DLC Items

Hi-Fi Rush Special Edition Differences & Extras

Deluxe Edition Bonus Items:

  • Two Chai outfits* 
  • Seven bonus Chai t-shirts 
  • 808-Themed Guitar Skin 
  • 808 Alternate Skin 
  •  20,000 Gears for unlocking combat skills and other upgrades. (Note: Gears are obtained through combat and exploration in-game and not available as a purchasable currency.)

*Each of the two Chai Outfits includes a hairstyle, scarf, jacket, trousers and shoes which can be mixed and matched with other cosmetics in-game.

Players who already own Hi-Fi Rush can also purchase the Deluxe Edition Upgrade, which adds all the additional Deluxe Edition content to your game! Both the Deluxe Edition and the Deluxe Edition upgrade can be purchased via the Microsoft Store.

Hi-Fi Rush Tips and Tricks

Hi-Fi RUSH puts you in the beat-up sneakers of Chai, a wannabe rocker wrongfully labeled a “defect” by a sinister tech corporation. Everything in Hi-Fi RUSH automatically syncs to the music, from swinging your trusty guitar to dodging out of the way of an oversized metallic fist.

Players must feel the rhythm to enhance Chai’s actions, pulling off heavy Beat Hits at the end of a combo like a cymbal crash, or syncing up with one of his allies for a devastating tag-team finisher. In Hi-Fi RUSH, every battle is an opportunity to play out your own music video fantasy, seamlessly coordinating all your moves with the soundtrack.

Starter Tips: Review tutorial text at any time via the “How to Play” section of the Pause Menu. And a combo list is available in the Pause Menu as well, it includes a reference for all of Chai’s currently usable techniques.

Hi-Fi RUSH | Official Gameplay Deep Dive Trailer

Ready to win over the crowd? Here are nine useful beginner tips & tricks to help you hit the stage running and take on an entire megacorp, one department at a time!


You can alter Hi-Fi RUSH’s difficulty any time after starting a new game from the Pause Menu, under Options->Gameplay->Other Settings. Note that changing the difficulty will restart your current level at the latest checkpoint.

HFR Beat Hit in-body


Hi-Fi RUSH is a rhythm-action game with the emphasis on action. Everything in the game syncs to the music, including your moves, but you are in total control. All the action automatically syncs to the tunes, but haphazardly attacking won’t let you tap into Chai’s true power.

Instead, time your actions to the beat, amping up your combos and potentially ending a combo string with a flashy, high-damage Beat Hit! Getting into the rhythm doesn’t just let you go all out – it can also help Chai stay out of harm’s way. (More on that later…)


If you lose your timing, don’t fret. Just take a sec to sense the beat and you’ll be tapping your toes again in no time. 808, your floating robot cat pal, is also there to lend a helping paw – just peek at 808 hovering over Chai’s shoulder for a glowing metronome! Players can also turn on a guide in the HUD via the game’s settings to visualize the timing without relying on audio.

HFR Peppermint Hideout in-body


After clearing Track 01, you can select the “Training Room” option by talking to your new pal Peppermint at the Hideout. This will take you to a special area where you can brush up on all your Combos, Special Attacks, Partner Attacks and other abilities. Even a star knows it’s wise to show up to practice (sometimes).


It’s not just your attacks that land with the music – same goes for your enemies’ attacks too! Avoid damage with a well-timed dodge or, like a true rock sensation, parry it outright. Enemies telegraph their attacks with a telltale flash and sound effect exactly one beat before attacking, so tap into the rhythm and you could become untouchable!


The Reverb Gauge allows Chai to pull off show-stopping techniques such as Special Attacks and Jam Combos, and we suggest conserving…not a single bar of it. The Reverb Gauge resets between combat encounters, so don’t hoard your hard-earned Reverb between battles! Instead, make ample use of your biggest moves to squeeze the most damage, score and style possible out of each brawl.

HFR Exhibit HUD in-body


As you explore levels and dismantle enemy robots, you’ll acquire Gears. Spend your Gears on nifty upgrades for Chai such as increasing your maximum health or unlocking new combos and Special Attacks. You can also use parts you find lying about to create Chips, which provide handy buffs when equipped! Some areas in Hi-Fi RUSH require special assistance from an ally to access tucked-away treasures, so be sure to return to past levels to uncover everything!


Health Tanks are a boon for saving Chai’s bacon! Picking up recovery items with a full Life Gauge fills your Health Tank, which are automatically consumed for a live-saving heal when his Life reaches zero. The status of your Health Tank is carried over after a Game Over, however, so try not to use those bailouts before they’re truly needed!


Chai loves the spotlight, granted, but he doesn’t stand alone in his battle against the maniacal organization out to “recall” him. As Chai’s trusty allies join his cause, you can call them in for an assist to traverse the environment, disrupt enemy defenses or even pull off tag-team special moves. Let’s hear it for teamwork!

Ready for more? Here’s the official S-Rank guide for tips on turning an opening act into a headlining performance.

Each combat encounter in Hi-Fi RUSH ranks your proficiency with a letter grade, up to the covetous S-Rank. Any and every stage in the game can be S-Ranked, offering players an exciting challenge and a chance to prove their skills across each of the game’s difficulties.

Getting the highest scores will often require unlocking an arsenal of moves and upgrades, so we recommend going for those top marks on your subsequent runs.

HFR Jam ComboGIF


Each Chorus – the battles in Hi-Fi RUSH – are measured on three core metrics: Score, Just Timing and Time. Your final ranking at the end of a Chorus is determined by how well you perform in these three categories, each ranked with their own letter grade.

SCORE: The overall accumulated score earned from your skills in the fray – the higher, the better! Each Chorus has a par score you’ll need to reach to earn an S-Rank in this category, so squeeze in as many moves and as much damage as you possibly can into each fight.

JUST TIMING: This category ranks your skills playing to the rhythm, kicking off each Chorus from the “Fight!” announcement up until the dust has settled. Top ranks in Just Timing require a high percentage of all your moves – attacking, dashing and even jumping – landing on the beat. To achieve an S-Rank here, you will want to aim for 85% or higher accuracy when timing your actions to the music. In-game, you’ll notice a music note coming from 808 or cheers chiming in with your actions – this lets you know you’re playing with Just Timing!

TIME: This category is the classic stopwatch: the faster you complete a Chorus, the higher the grade. However, the most efficient method of dispatching foes doesn’t always mean the highest yield of points, so be sure to find a balance between making time for flashy combos and still completing the fight under that par time!

So how does this lead to a final score? So long as you earn an “S” rating on at least two of these categories, plus an “A” or higher in the third category, your skills in that Chorus are officially S-Rank! At the end of each level, you’ll receive a final overall ranking based on your combined Chorus ranks.


Each level in Hi-Fi RUSH can be replayed on a different difficulty, all of which can be completed with an S Rank. However, the ways each difficulty setting changes game parameters may affect the best route for obtaining a high score.

For example, enemies at lower difficulties are easier to deal with but take fewer hits, meaning players will have to maximize the points they get from each foe. Higher difficulties, meanwhile, offer enemies who can stomach more combos but may present other challenges in a fight. No matter which setting you like to play, the key to mastering Hi-Fi RUSH remains the same – getting into the flow and feeling that beat!

HFR Explosion in-body


On the topic of variety, there are multiple instances in Hi-Fi RUSH where stylish play rewards you with score bonuses. Not only are these bonuses a chance to top off your combos with bonus points, but chaining together multiple bonuses in succession earns you a multiplier to your overall score, up to 10x the score!

The type of bonuses you pull off in battle will appear next to your score when triggered such as Magnet Link, earned for using the magnet to grapple between enemies instead of running, or Aerial Rave, a bonus for attacking foes in midair.

Getting your multiplier as high as possible before your window of opportunity resets is a major component for unlocking the most ridiculous score possible. Special Attacks can be a secret weapon here, with the ability to land a guaranteed bonus for a stunning finisher and a jackpot of points. Since the Reverb Gauge used to charge Special Attacks resets between battles, don’t hold back – toss in your flashiest moves when the moment is right!

HFR QA1MIL Battle in-body


Don’t just play the hits ad nauseum! The Rhythm Meter appears during each Chorus, measuring your current combat prowess. The Rhythm Meter fills faster as you hit multiple enemies with a variety of moves, netting higher scores the longer you sustain a high rating. Additionally, reusing the same attacks continuously may cost you a “repeat” penalty, granting only 70% of the score you’d normally earn, so be sure to shake it up to cinch that high score!

The Meter also declines if a lull develops in the fight, so Chai’s magnetic grappling ability and tagging in partners are excellent ways to keep the audience hyped up. This is especially crucial for players on Hi-Fi RUSH’s expert Rhythm Master difficulty, where letting the Rhythm Meter drop below a “C” grade results in an automatic Game Over!


Chai may have a solo attitude, but you’ll need an ensemble to earn those S-Rank scores. Calling in partners to assist not only breaks certain enemy defenses, but they can also keep a combo going while Chai is out of range. Partner assists can also juggle or knock back enemies, helping you position them for a severe beatdown (and even more points)!

Once unlocked, you can also tag in your partners for staggering Jam Combos, activated by pressing the assist button during a Beat Hit at the cost of one charge of your Reverb Gauge. These moves don’t just hit hard – Jam Combos also open enemies up for the Overkill bonus if it finishes them off, letting Chai juggle them even after being defeated for some egregious extra hits!


While hilarious, Chai getting knocked left and right by robot brutes doesn’t scream “rock star.” Deftly dodging and perfectly timing your parries, however, prevents enemies from throwing off your groove (and preserve your Rhythm Meter).

If you clear a battle or the entire stage without taking any damage, you’ll even also earn a bonus star along with your final ranking for that segment of the game! Finally, while you can restart from your latest checkpoint if you succumb to a Game Over, you will also receive a penalty that could risk lowering your rank for the stage. So, you know, try not to die.

Lastly, as you progress through the game, you unlock more moves, which in turn can be used to perform combos!

The best way for you to practice combos is in the Training Room. You access the Training Room by talking to Peppermint in her headquarters.

Hi-Fi Rush All Combos & Special Attacks Showcase:

Hi Fi Rush – All Combos & Special Attack Showcase

Now go and have fun!

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