Fire Emblem Engage How To Romance Characters

Find out in Fire Emblem Engage how to romance characters! The Nintendo Switch-exclusive tactical JRPG game has 15 characters available to romance for Alear. But you can only romance one character in the game, so you’ll need to save before romancing them if you want to check out what romancing other characters looks like by going back to your earlier save file. That, or you can watch the video at the bottom of this guide to see all romance conversations.

Fire Emblem Engage Romance Guide

Unfortunately, the localization outside of Japan changed half of the relationships into platonic ones for your S-Supports. So be careful who of your S-rank Support allies who reached the A-rank support level you want to romance by giving them your Pact Ring* and declaring your love. You will find a full list with all character options below.

*You unlock the Pact Ring after finishing Chapter 23: The Four Hounds and completing the afterwards received Paralogue. You can obtain the Pact Ring in your bedroom, by opening / examining the Memento Drawer and selecting “Take Ring”. The game even tells you that “Resting in bed may change which allies are around the Somniel. If the ally you want to give the ring to isn’t around, try that.” After you have the Pact Ring, you can declare your romance with it by walking up to them and talking to them for the give “Pact Ring” option to appear.

But yes, that does mean you can choose both gender options to romance for the first time in a Fire Emblem game. It does not matter for the outcome if you play with the male or female Alear.
However, you cannot choose returning characters, as for the platonic relationship friendship scenes… they are also given when you select minors or family. Just wanted to explain the Western localization’s reasoning behind not keeping every romance option available.

Short video guide showing how to unlock S Support and Romance with the 15 characters and so you can see what happens in-game.

How to Romance Characters in Fire Emblem Engage – S Support Guide

Fire Emblem Engage Full Romance Option Character List

  • Alfred (male)
  • Bunet (male)
  • Chloe (female)
  • Citrinne (female)
  • Goldmary (female)
  • Diamant (male)
  • Ivy (female)
  • Jade (female)
  • Kagetsu (male)
  • Lapis (female)
  • Louis (male)
  • Mauvier (male)
  • Merrin (female)
  • Panette (female)
  • Seadall (male)

Fire Emblem Engage Flirty but not Romantic Option Character List

  • Framme
  • Fogado
  • Hortensia
  • Rosado
  • Timerra
  • Vander
  • Yunaka

Fire Emblem Engage Platonic Friendship Character List

  • Alcryst
  • Amber
  • Anna
  • Boucheron
  • Celine
  • Clanne
  • Jean
  • Linden
  • Saphir
  • Veyle
  • Zelkov

Fire Emblem Engage All Pact Rings Conversations

Putting the spoiler-y parts at the end. Here are all Pact Ring (or S rank) conversations from Fire Emblem Engage. Which of Alear’s supports will have the most impact? Watch and find out.

All Pact Ring Conversations in Fire Emblem Engage

Fun Fact: After giving them the Pact Ring and the love declaration cutscene has played, you can look up a new page in your Ally Notebook that tells of your life together.

Who will you choose to romance in Fire Emblem Engage?