Hideo Kojima’s Next Game (Death Stranding 2?) to Star Elle Fanning

Actress Elle Fanning (Super 8, The Great) has been confirmed to star in game director Hideo Kojima’s new game!

First, Kojima-san teased he hired a new actress for one of at least two games he has in development, one confirmed to be Death Stranding 2 and another rumored to be a horror game set in the Silent Hill universe (but let’s be real that’s unlikely unless Microsoft pays for the Konami rights and Xbox exclusivity).

Second, fans found a standee at PAX Australia with a QR code linking to the official kojimaproductions.jp website, where you can find the photo confirming Elle Fanning.

And final confirmation came through a Japanese interview with Hideo Kojima that showed motion capture pictures.

Are you excited for Death Stranding 2?