Freedom Planet 2 Time Capsules Locations Guide

16 September 2022
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Freedom Planet 2 Time Capsules Locations Guide

Welcome to the Freedom Planet 2 Time Capsules locations guide that helps you find the total of 15 Time Capsules locations in the PC action-adventure indie game.

Finding all 15 Time Capsule locations and picking them up will help unlock the following Achievements:

  • “Memories of the Past” — Collect 13 time capsules.
  • “True Love” — Clear the game with all 13 time capsules collected..
  • Bonus: By collecting all Time Capsules you unlock a secret level that leads to the true final boss fight.

The Timeline for all these in-game Time Capsules locations is listed below.

Freedom Planet 2 Time Capsules

Tip: The very first Time Capsule can be found in Adventure Square inside the top floor of the building with the two large dragon statues in front of it (see picture above). — The rest of the Time Capsules can only be obtained by playing BattleSphere / Arena Battle Mode.

Where to find all Time Capsules in Freedom Planet 2? The in-game collectibles locations for the Time Capsules are described in this detailed video guide.

The Time Capsules are shown in the step-by-step video.

Freedom Planet 2 – Time Capsule Locations Guide

Next, you can view all Time Capsule logs in this video:

Freedom Planet 2 – All Time Capsules

Timeline in minutes for the Time Capsules:

  • 00:00 — Time Capsule #1: The Kingdom Stone
  • 01:20 — Time Capsule #2: Avalice Day
  • 02:14 — Time Capsule #3: Bakunawa Rising
  • 03:07 — Time Capsule #4: Bakunawa Abandoned
  • 03:59 — Time Capsule #5: Oceandweller Rumors
  • 04:55 — Time Capsule #6: Trapped
  • 05:53 — Time Capsule #7: Her Name Is Merga
  • 06:48 — Time Capsule #8: Attack Of The Siopao Hog
  • 07:35 — Time Capsule #9: No Place For A Hero
  • 08:28 — Time Capsule #10: Revenge Of The Siopao
  • 09:20 — Time Capsule #11: Flowers For Merga
  • 10:08 — Time Capsule #12: Our Fight
  • 10:59 — Time Capsule #13: A War Of Attrition
  • 11:46 — Time Capsule #14: In Pursuit Of Peace
  • 12:36 — Time Capsule #15: Lord

There you go! All Time Capsules in Freedom Planet 2 are yours! ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope these tips helped you get all of the Time Capsules hidden in the game. ๐Ÿ˜€

Huge thanks to ZeroGamer2 & Nig Sparrow for the guide videos and tips.

Please comment if you have any additional Freedom Planet 2 Time Capsules location tips of your own, weโ€™ll give you credit for it. – Thanks for visiting!


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