Kirby’s Dream Buffet Cheats

18 August 2022
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Kirby's Dream Buffet Cheats

Looking for Kirby’s Dream Buffet cheats on Switch? Here we’ll list Kirby’s Dream Buffet cheat codes and unlockables with tips for HAL Laboratory & Nintendo’s new Super Monkey Ball-esque battle royale racing party game.

Here we will show you how to unlock all Kirby’s Dream Buffet codes with a cheats list that’s valid for the Switch exclusive title (where available).

Take a look at the cheats below…

Kirby’s Dream Buffet Cheats List

Kirby’s Dream Buffet: How To Unlock All Costumes & More

There are 25 Kirby Costumes in Kirby’s Dream Buffet, which can be found in the “Costumes & Colors” menu. All costumes are unlocked along the way by reaching Gourmet level 99 (of the 135 Gourmet levels in total).

This next video shows how to play as each Kirby Costume:

  • 04:19 — Morpho Knight
  • 06:12 — Bandana Waddle Dee
  • 07:13 — King Dedede
  • 08:59 — Kirby Burger
  • 10:00 — Meta Knight
  • 11:52 — Gooey
  • 12:54 — Chuchu
  • 14:37 — Car-Mouth Cake
  • 16:28 — Tarzana
  • 17:30 — Elfilin
  • 19:17 — Zan Partizanne
  • 20:22 — Marx
  • 22:17 — Chef Kawasaki
  • 24:00 — Coo
  • 25:05 — Susie
  • 27:13 — Flamberge
  • 28:17 — Waddle Doo
  • 30:18 — Kine
  • 31:20 — Magalor
  • 33:04 — Adaleine & Ribbon
  • 34:08 — Daroach
  • 36:19 — Francisca
  • 38:02 — Whipped Cream
  • 39:05 — Rick
  • 40:49 — Kirby
Kirby’s Dream Buffet – All Kirby Costumes

Other Unlockable Rank Rewards:

But wait! There’s more… Each time your Gourmet Rank increases, you unlock not only a new costume, but also more colors, stages, or music tracks that can be used for customization. You can also unlock Character Treats, which is a cookie based on a character from the Kirby series which can be displayed on a cake in Kirby’s “Home Table” menu.

This video shows what happens when you unlock all 256 of the items in the Character Treats Collection. These are unlocked through lots of gameplay.

Kirby’s Dream Buffet – All 256 Character Figures (Complete Character Treats Collection)

All unlockable rewards overview:

  • 00:12 — Highest Gourmet Rank & Final Unlockable!
  • 00:29 — All Character Treats
  • 07:29 — All Costumes & Colors
  • 11:30 — All Rewards + Music Samples
All Unlockable Rewards in Kirby’s Dream Buffet! (Costumes, Music, Character Treats & More!)

Kirby’s Dream Buffet: How To Unlock Secret Race Music

As a bonus for owning other Kirby games on the same Nintendo Switch console you’re playing Kirby’s Dream Buffet on, you can unlock musical arrangements of these tracks from previous Kirby games in Kirby’s Dream Buffet while you’re racing. To unlock bonus race tracks to play in the “Rewards Menu”, you need to have a save file of the following Kirby games on the console you’re playing Kirby’s Dream Buffet on.

You can unlock 3 bonus tracks for each of these games (if you played them):

  • Kirby and the Forgotten Land (Switch)
  • Kirby Fighters 2 (Switch eShop)
  • Kirby Star Allies (Switch)
  • Super Kirby Clash (Switch eShop)

Kirby’s Dream Buffet Tips and Tricks

Abilities Tips:

You can usually hold the ability R button to do something else! Fireball gives you an extra boost, wheel lets you charge up a bit, stone makes you bigger, etc.

Every copy ability has a special enhanced ability that involves pressing or holding down the R button again. For example if you hold down R for the chocolate one and then release but quickly hold down again right when Kirby stops spinning in the air, you can do an even stronger drop with blue shock-waves.

Stone has a second Blue shock-wave when holding, Tornado has a stronger cyclone option when holding, tapping R while burning gives you more speed. You can charge a needle dash by holding R, spinning in a tight circle with drill create a shock wave, Holding and releasing R with Wheel let’s you slow down and rush forward in a different direction.

Here are 7 more tips to win:

While your main focus should be to eat as many strawberries as possible, there are more ways to help you win.

Kirby’s Dream Buffet – 7 Tips to WIN!


These are all Kirby’s Dream Buffet cheats on Switch so far. We also made the handy Kirby’s Dream Buffet guides listed above to help you with tips and tricks for the game!

Credits: Nintendo, Nintendolife, Packattack04082, GameXplain

Do you know of any Kirby’s Dream Buffet cheats or unlockables? Let us know in the comments, you’ll get credit for finding out. – Thanks for visiting!


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