Death Stranding 2 Confirmed by Lead Actor Norman Reedus

Death Stranding creator Hideo Kojima has been accidentally confirmed twice in the same interview to be working on Death Stranding 2 by the game’s lead actor Norman Reedus, who plays the main character courier role of Sam Porter Bridges in the now-series.

To quote the LEO interview, Mr. Reedus said:

Question: Okay, so you got the book going on, you’ve got the final season coming out, then the spinoff, and you’re filming Death Stranding, the video game.

Answer: We just started the second one.

Question: How did that come about?

Answer: Guillermo Del Toro, who gave me my first movie, called me up and said, “Hey, there’s a guy named Hideo Kojima, he’s gonna call you, just say yes.” And I go, “What do you mean just say yes?” He goes, “Stop being an *sshole, just say yes.” Then I was in San Diego and Hideo came with a big group of people, he’s from Tokyo, and he showed me what he was working on on a game called Silent Hill. I was blown away by what he was showing me, and I was like, “Yes, let’s do this.” It’s not Ms. Pacman; it’s so realistic, it’s so futuristic, it’s so complicated and beautiful, and I was completely blown away.

It took me maybe two or three years to finish all the MoCap sessions and everything. It takes a lot of work. And then the game came out, and it just won all these awards, and it was a huge thing, so we just started part two of that.

Here’s a roundup of what we know so far, including fan reactions:

Death Stranding 2 Gets Casually Leaked By Norman Reedus

Until the official confirmation by Hideo Kojima’s Kojima Productions studio, we won’t know if it’s a PS4 & PS5 console-exclusive that will later come to PC or if the sequel will go multi-platform to Xbox consoles as well.

Are you excited to play Death Stranding 2 in around 2023-2024?