Dying Light 2: How To Level Up Fast Guide

Welcome to the “Dying Light 2: How To Level Up Fast Guide“. On this page we’ll show you an Experience Points Boost Guide, which explains how to get to higher levels fast in Dying Light 2 with the right equipment to gain your max level in the PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One & Switch action-RPG, survival-horror game.

Finding out how to earn more Combat Points XP / Parkour Points XP during combat / parkouring to let you rank up faster. Gaining XP in Dying Light 2 is how to level up your character, the main protagonist Aiden Caldwall.

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Dying Light 2: How To Rank Up Fast Guide

Outside of getting XP by playing through the story missions and getting bonus XP for activating windmills and obtaining collectibles, there’s not much else. Cue this trick.

Best Location: Go outside the Bazaar. You can do this fast level up trick next to a safe zone where you can find UV lights outside to make it safer to perform.

Level Up Method: Use a bed in the Bazaar safe zone to skip to night time — as the “Wait until morning” message says when you interact with the bed — for the zombies to come out and play, but more importantly is that at night you get a 2 times Night Time XP Bonus. Then keep killing zombies and the XP Bonus goes up to 4 times.

You’re able to kill so many zombies in a row at night, because the howler zombies call other zombies to your location with his on-screen “Chase Level 1-4” indicator. So for this to work try to not kill the howler zombie for as long as possible, while killing all the other zombies that run at you. Simply run to the UV lights if the situation gets out of control too much at Chase Level 3-4, because going into the UV lights will reset your Chase Level back to 1.

Important: For the game to save all the XP you earned, you have to first not die, and second go back in the Safe Zone’s bed to sleep as that will save the 500+ XP you collected per night.

Tip: Don’t forget to loot all the zombies you killed. Activate your Survivor’s Sense to see which zombie bodies you have not yet looted, they will have a red color (opposed to white).

Fast and easy method for leveling up in Dying Light 2 Stay Human:

Use this hint video guide to rapidly earn EXP by speeding your way to level up in a fun way. It’s the fastest way to level up in Dying Light 2 by earning over 500 Combat XP / Parkour XP per night.

How to Level Up Fast in Dying Light 2 – How Progression Works (Combat XP / Parkour XP)

I hope these tips to level up fast will help you get to a higher Dying Light 2 Rank.

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