Rainbow Six Extraction: How To Level Up Fast Guide

21 January 2022
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Rainbow Six Extraction: How To Level Up Fast Guide

Welcome to the “Rainbow Six Extraction: How To Level Up Fast Guide“. On this page we’ll show you an Experience Points Boost Guide, which explains how to get to higher levels fast in Rainbow Six Extraction with the right equipment to gain your max level in the PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PC, Stadia & Luna tactical hero shooter game.

Finding out how to earn more XP by the tune of up to 40,000 XP per match to let you rank up faster. Gaining XP in Rainbow Six Extraction is how to level up Operators aka characters and weapons.

How Progression Works:

This video is going to show you how to progress your level. Gain xp quickly and showing of the progression paths in the game.

How to Level Up Fast in Rainbow Six Extraction! How Progression Works!

Fast and easy method for leveling Operators:

Use this hint video guide to rapidly earn XP by grinding and speeding your way to level up in a fun way.

Level Up Operators Fast! Easy Method in Rainbow Six Extraction

Rainbow Six Extraction: How To Rank Up Fast Guide

Each Operator in the game has 10 levels to advance in. It takes 15,000 to 20,000 XP per level.

The best way to maximize your XP outside of killing everything in matches is by completing all of the objectives, and do the extraction to get the 90 bonus.

It’s recommended you play with friends or Solo. Don’t play without friends and, because with randoms you will find yourself with beginners rushing trough levels, dying a lot and losing most of the potential XP. Playing Solo earns you around 5 times more XP compared to playing with random teams.

Favorite maps to do this in are: New York City, San Francisco, and Truth or Consequences; Set to Moderate Treat Level and then complete the mission as quick as possible in 7 to 10 minutes, which can be done faster by using the Pulsar for the nesting counters to make it easy to find the nest.

Note: Don’t just shoot the nests, instead you can hold melee and takedown for +40 extra stealth and takedown points.

I hope these tips to level up fast will help you get to a higher Rainbow Six Extraction Rank.

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