Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Release Date

What is the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak release date?

Capcom has announced the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion will be released in Summer 2022, simultaneously on Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam). Summer season in the Western hemisphere falls sometime between June 1st and August 31st, 2022. We’ll update this page once Capcom announces a more specific date. Update: It’s June 30, 2022.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak “Release Date Announcement Trailer”:

Team up with the Knights of the Royal Order and face the biggest threats yet: Garnagolm, Lunagaron and Malzeno! Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak arrives on Nintendo Switch and PC / Steam on 30 June, 2022.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – The Three Lords Trailer

Watch another recent Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak “The Game Awards Trailer”:

Chilling new monsters and mysterious characters beckon you to a land of perilous adventure: Elgado!

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – The Game Awards Teaser

A new, ominous chapter is about to unfold in the Monster Hunter Rise saga: enter the monstrous expansion Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

As the direct expansion to Monster Hunter Rise, you can expect a massive amount of content coming with Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, including an all-new storyline with more new monsters, new locales, gameplay elements, a new quest rank, and more!

The flagship monster of the expansion, a Master Rank threat, the ominous elder dragon called Malzeno!


Capcom are keeping some of the finer details concealed in darkness until a later date in 2022. So far only at the Tokyo Game Show 2021 live stream, Capcom revealed a crafty returning monster: Shogun Ceanataur. This carapaceon is known for deploying razor-sharp claws from its front limbs and shredding anything in its path. It also uses other monsters’ skulls as its shell. Savage!

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – Shogun Ceanataur

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will launch simultaneously on Nintendo Switch and PC in Summer 2022.

Note: Monster Hunter Rise is required to play this massive expansion.

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