New Video Game Releases in Week 2 of January 10, 2022

Here’s the list of new video game releases in week 2 of January 10, 2022. The most popular video games released this week are: Monster Hunter Rise on PC, God of War on PC, The Anacrusis, Supraland Six Inches Under, Astroneer on Switch, The Kids We Were on PC & Warhammer 40K: Battle Sister.

A bunch of game releases in this second week of January 2022.

The new video game releases this week are:

Monday January 10:

  • Asteroides (PC)
  • Bimous (PC)
  • Disaster (PC)
  • Exotic (PC)
  • Graveyard Spells (PC)
  • Leading the Dead (PC)
  • Marriedbook – Steam Early Access (PC)
  • Roads Of Rome: Portals – Collector’s Edition (PC)
  • The Vision Of The Ant (PC)

Tuesday January 11:

  • Buck Up And Drive! (PC, SteamOS)
  • Demoniaca: Everlasting Night (Xbox Series X, Xbox One)
  • DweeMIXED: Thwee Pack (Switch)
  • Mini Golf Worlds VR (PC; VR)
  • Neko Ghost, Jump! – Steam Early Access (PC, SteamOS)
  • Sfare – Steam Early Access (PC)

Wednesday January 12:

  • Monster Hunter Rise (PC)
  • Monster Hunter Rise – Deluxe Kit DLC (PC)
  • Mushroom Wars 2 (Xbox Series X, Xbox One)
  • Sense – A Cyberpunk Ghost Story (Xbox Series X, Xbox One)
  • Warhammer 40K: Battle Sister (PC; VR)
  • Word of the Law: Death Mask – Collector’s Edition (PC)
Monster Hunter Rise – PC Launch Trailer
Warhammer 40,000 Battle Sister | Announce Trailer | Oculus Quest Platform

Thursday January 13:

  • Aery – Dreamscape (Switch, Xbox Series X, Xbox One)
  • Astroneer (Switch)
  • Battle Brothers (PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One)
  • Duel Princess (Switch)
  • Eternal Radiance (Switch)
  • Headland (Switch)
  • Hocus 2 (Switch)
  • Kansei: The Second Turn HD (Switch, Xbox Series X, Xbox One)
  • Mary Skelter 2 (PC)
  • Nova-111 (Switch)
  • Operation Zeta (Xbox Series X, Xbox One)
  • Rescue Party: Live! (PC)
  • Sniper Time: The Shooting Range (Switch)
  • The Anacrusis (Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PC) — Note: Free for Xbox Game Pass subscribers.
  • The Kids We Were (PC, Mobile)
The Anacrusis – Announce Trailer
ASTRONEER – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch
The Kids We Were – Steam Trailer

Friday January 14:

  • Asteroid Five (PC)
  • Bomb! Bomb! Carnival!! (PC)
  • Box’s Dream (PC)
  • Crystal Clash (PC) — Note: Free-to-play MOBA.
  • Frigore – Steam Early Access (PC)
  • God of War (PC)
  • Hymns of Resurrection (PC)
  • It follows you (PC)
  • New Home: Medieval Village (PC)
  • Panzers on the Steppe (PC, Mac)
  • Pinball Jam (Switch)
  • Project Myriad 2 (PC, Mac)
  • Psychic (PC)
  • Ragnar (PC)
  • Supraland Six Inches Under (PC)
  • Where’s My Horse? An Escape the Room Adventure (PC)
God of War – PC Features Trailer
Supraland Six Inches Under – Steam Trailer

Free January 2022 Games:

What video games will you be playing this week? Any of these?