Fortnite Winterfest 2021 Challenges Guide

25 December 2021
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Fortnite Winterfest 2021 Challenges Guide

Merry Christmas! Welcome to the Fortnite Winterfest 2021 Challenges Guide. Here you will find out how to complete all Winterfest 2021 Challenges in Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 3 of Season 1’s Flipped Battlepass on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC, Mac, Switch & Mobile (well, not on Apple iOS).

Tip: The Winterfest Lodge will be accessible through a snowflake tab in the Lobby. If you miss any days of opening Presents, simply return anytime before Winterfest ends (Jan. 6 at 9 AM ET) to open them up. 

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Fortnite Winterfest 2021 Challenges List

  • Warm yourself at the Yule Log in Cozy Lodge (1)
  • Deal damage to opponents with the Snowball Launcher (50)
  • Collect toy biplanes at Condo Canyon, Greasy Grove, or Sleepy Sound (3)
  • Travel while having icy feet (200)
  • Fly with a chicken (200)
  • Dance for three seconds at Crackshot’s Cabin and Sgt. Winter’s Workshop (2)
  • Ram a snowman with a vehicle (1)
  • Use a Holiday Presents! Item (1)
  • Search a treasure chest under a holiday tree (1)
  • Eat food in a single match (5)
  • Hide for ten seconds as a Sneaky Snowman within 25m of an opponent (10)
  • Light a campfire while having icy feet (1)
  • Travel 1,000 meters on a Crackshot Quadcrasher (1000)
  • Destroy Holiday decorations (10)
  • Give an opponent icy feet with a Chiller Grenade (1)

Fortnite Winterfest 2021 Cheat Sheet

How To Find Search Challenge Locations In Fortnite: Battle Royale Chapter 3 – Season 1 Winterfest 2021: This map cheat sheet will show you Week 2 of the Fortnite Season 1’s Battlepass Challenges called “Flipped” that includes finding all of the Chests, the hidden locations, as well as the Winterfest 2021 Mission Challenge locations around the map…

[Coming Soon: Fortnite Winterfest 2021 Cheat Sheet]

Fortnite Winterfest 2021 Challenges Guide

The Winterfest 2021 Quests in Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 3 Season 1 run from December 16, 2021 to January 6, 2022. This guide will show you how to complete all the Winterfest 2021 challenges in Fortnite.

Rewards: Completing all the Winterfest 2021 quests will give players 14 Presents, including 2 Outfits. Krisabelle, a festive take on the community-inspired Isabelle, and Polar Peely, one cool banana (literally). Unwrap the Krisabelle Outfit after unwrapping the six Presents obstructing her, and unwrap Polar Peely after his giftbox thaws.

Also included in the gifts are two Pickaxes, two Wraps, as well as a Glider, Contrail, Emote, Lobby Track, Loading Screen, Emoticon, Spray, and Banner.

Every day for 14 days, Sgt. Winter will announce a new Winterfest Quest in the “Quests” page, each one with an XP reward! All Winterfest Quests are available to complete until Winterfest ends (Jan. 6 at 9 AM ET). For completing seven Winterfest Quests, you’ll unlock the Snowmando Board Glider, and for completing ten, the Ffrosty Back Bling

With the Snowmando Board Glider, perform a trick and surf down into battle! Two alt Styles are included with this Glider: Ice King Board and Llamadelica Board.

Bonus Rewards:

  1. As one of the Epic Games Store Epic Deals, all players who log into Fortnite from the Epic Games Launcher anytime from December 16, 2021 at 11 AM ET to January 6, 2022 at 11 AM ET can get the Blizzabelle gift Outfit by redeeming it from the Item Shop.
  2. Jump into featured creations in the Winterfest tab next to “Discover.” At the end of Winterfest 2021, after playing for two hours total across creator-made maps/games, you’ll receive the Ol’ Cracky EmoticonLlamistletoe Spray, a Merry Marauder Banner, and a 2022 New Year’s Banner.
  3. As a Fortnite Crew bonus during Winterfest 2021, active Fortnite Crew subscribers will receive the Golden Look Board Glider upon logging into the event.

Winterfest 2021 Quest Locations:

Search a Treasure Chest Under a Holiday Tree Location:

You can find a Holiday Tree in most named locations. For the Winterfest quest, you simply need to search a chest under one of them. There are usually one or two chests under each one, and you only need to search one chest to complete the challenge. This video will show the location of two Holiday Trees close to each other so you can check both.

Search a Treasure Chest Under a Holiday Tree Location – Fortnite Winterfest

Ram a Snowman with a Vehicle Location:

The easiest way to do this is to land at Rocky Reels. There are a lot of cars here as well as plenty of Snowmen. Simply get in any car, and then run over a Snowman with it., You’ll know you’ve done it right if the wheels freeze on the vehicle.

Ram a Snowman with a Vehicle Location – Fortnite Winterfest

Dance for Three Seconds at Crackshot’s Cabin & Sgt Winter’s Workshop Locations:

Both Crackshot’s Cabin and Sgt. Winters Workshop can be found at the north west side of the map. To complete the challenge, you need to do any emote inside both landmarks for 3 seconds, This video will show you the locations of both Crackshot’s Cabin and Sgt. Winters Workshop.

Dance for Three Seconds at Crackshot’s Cabin & Sgt Winter’s Workshop Locations – Fortnite Winterfest

Collect Toy Biplanes at Condo Canyon, Greasy Grove or Sleepy Sound Locations:

There are a total of four locations in each Condo Canyon, Greasy Grove and Sleepy Sound where you can find the Toy Biplanes but you only need 3 collect 3 Toy Biplanes to complete this Winterfest quest / challenge. Simply interact with them to collect them.

Collect Toy Biplanes at Condo Canyon, Greasy Grove or Sleepy Sound Locations – Fortnite Winterfest

Warm Yourself at the Yule Log in the Cozy Lodge Location:

You can find Yule Log in Cozy Lodge at the Fireplace. Simply visit the Cozy Lodge, then interact with the Yule Log and sit by it for a bit to complete this Winterfest challenge.

Warm Yourself at the Yule Log in the Cozy Lodge Location – Fortnite

Fortnite Winterfest 2021 Challenges FAQ

How to get Battle Stars in Season 1?

Every time you level up in Fortnite Season 1, you’ll get a Battle Star. To find out how much XP you need to level up to the next level, you can look it up on the in-game Battle Pass page.

How much XP is every Season 1 Challenge worth?

You receive 25,000 XP for completing each challenge. The one exception is a weekly Legendary challenge that gives you 55,000 XP for the first stage and 20,000 XP for each next stage. Adding up to 152,000 XP in total.

How many Secret XP Challenges are there in Season 1?

There will be 40 XP Challenges to complete in Season 1. They will rotate in and out of your All Quests list. These XP Challenges will replace the Punch Cards and XP Coins of the second to last season.

At what times do the Weekly Challenges in Season 1 go live every Tuesday? (Except Week 1)

• Europe: 3:00PM (CEST) / 2:00PM (GMT)
• West Coast US: 6:00AM (PDT)
• Pacific Time US: 7:00AM (PT)
• East Coast US: 9:00AM (EDT)

Time to complete Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 3’s Winterfest 2021 Challenges for Season 1!

Credits: Epic Games & HarryNinetyFour


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