Pikmin Bloom Cheats

Looking for Pikmin Bloom cheats on Android & iOS Mobile? Here we’ll list Pikmin Bloom cheat codes and unlockables with tips for Nintendo & Niantic’s new Augmented Reality walking health game.

Here we will show you how to unlock all Pikmin Bloom codes with a cheats list that’s valid for the Android & iOS Mobile device versions (where available).

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Pikmin Bloom Cheats List

Pikmin Bloom Steps Cheat

How to cheat the total number of daily steps:

At the time of launch in Pikmin Bloom Version 33.3, the walking system can easily be cheated with by manually inputting your daily step count total on the health app (at the end of each day). Since the Pikmin Bloom app integrates with Apple Health and Google Fit to count steps. This will help you sprout many more Pikmin.

Pikmin Bloom Secret Mario Pikmin & Mii Character

How to unlock a special Nintendo Mario Pikmin and play as your Mii Character:

  • Firstly, after downloading Pikmin Bloom from the Apple or Android app store, start a new game of Pikmin Bloom and sign into the game with your My Nintendo account. — If you link your Nintendo Account, you can play as your Mii character right away.
  • Secondly, to get a seedling that sprouts a Pikmin with a Mario hat, start playing the game’s tutorial that explains how to plant your seeds, walk to hatch them, as at that time on your seedling list you will receive “a special huge seedling from Nintendo for linking your Nintendo Account” to plant. — Now walk 10,000 steps to receive the special Blue Pikmin with Mario’s hat (one of the Decor Pikmin), hailing all the way from Kyoto in Japan where Nintendo’s headquarters are.

Take a look at how to first start playing Pikmin Bloom:

Pikmin Bloom – Hands On

Pikmin Bloom Tips and Tricks

In this official game overview, you’re told how to get started. Niantic and Nintendo launch Pikmin Bloom, an app that brings a little joy to your everyday journeys on foot. Walk to grow more Pikmin, walk to make flowers bloom, and walk to log your memories.

Pikmin Bloom – Game Overview

Up next, is a quick guide explaining how the Expeditions, Nectar Types and Friend Codes work in Pikmin Bloom.

  • (00:00): Intro
  • (00:52): Expeditions Explained
  • (02:55): Nectar Types Explained
  • (04:15): How to Add Friends/Find Your Code
  • (04:59): Miis/Nintendo Account Explained
  • (06:06): Outro
Pikmin Bloom – How-To Guide on Expeditions, Friend Codes, Nectar

These are all Pikmin Bloom cheats on Mobile. We also made the handy Pikmin Bloom guides listed above to help you with tips and tricks for the game!

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