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Looking for Age of Empires IV cheats on PC? Here we’ll list Age of Empires IV cheat codes and unlockables with tips for Relic Entertainment’s new real-time strategy game.

Here we will show you how to unlock all Age of Empires IV codes with a Age of Empires 4 cheats list for the PC title.

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Age of Empires IV Cheats List

Age of Empires IV Cheat Codes

Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition had lots of developer console cheats available to use freely on the PC version, although achievements would be disabled. Post-launch AoE franchise creative director Adam Isgreen has confirmed that cheats will be added to Age of Empires IV, but not right away at launch. Once available, please try out these cheats from the list below to see if they work in this sequel by the same developers.

Currently these cheats do not work yet and may crash your game, use at your own peril. Instructions per MBwilding
Extract the dev folder from the downloaded ZIP linked below into;
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Age of Empires IV
It should end up looking like \Age of Empires IV\dev\*.lua
In Steam right-click Age of Empires IV and click on “Properties”. Add the launch option: -dev
In game press CTRL+SHIFT+ ~   <– The key above tab on a US keyboard
Paste in this text (Ctrl+V);
Hit the Enter key. Then press CTRL+SHIFT+ ~ again.

+1000 ResourcesALT+SHIFT+1
Reveal MapALT+SHIFT+3
Instant BuildALT+SHIFT+5
Turbo modeCTRL+T
Slow modeCTRL+S
Spawn VillagerCTRL+SHIFT+1
Spawn SpearmanCTRL+SHIFT+2
Spawn ArcherCTRL+SHIFT+3
Spawn HorsemanCTRL+SHIFT+4
Spawn Man at ArmsCTRL+SHIFT+5
Spawn KnightCTRL+SHIFT+6
Spawn CrossbowmanCTRL+SHIFT+7
Spawn SheepCTRL+SHIFT+8
Spawn ScoutCTRL+SHIFT+9
Skip Intro Movies-nomovies

Alternatively; To activate Age of Empires 4 Cheat Codes, you’ll need to be playing the game and press the Enter key on your keyboard to bring up the ‘console commands’ chat box. Next, type in the below listed cheats — one at a time — followed by pressing the Enter key to activate it.

Fattens all animals on mapA recent study indicated that 100% of herdables are obese
George CrushingtonWhere’s that axe?
Gives 10,000 coinGive me liberty or give me coin
Gives 10,000 foodMedium Rare Please
Gives 10,000 wood<censored>
Gives 10,000 XPNova & Orion
Reveals map (fog of war still there)X marks the spot
Spawns “Fluffy”we <3 fluffy!1!
Spawns a “Learicorn”don’t kick the pitbull
Spawns a bear with laser-eyeso canada 2005
Spawns a big red monster truck that can run over anythingtuck tuck tuck
Spawns a flying Tapirwuv woo vol.2
Spawns a Hotdog Cart (Asian Dynasties only)mustard relish and burning oil
Spawns an alternate Monster Truckwee ooh wee ooh
Spawns the Mediocre Bombard at your Home City gather pointYa gotta make do with what ya got
Turn on “Musketeer’ed!” when you get killed by MusketeersSooo Good
Turns on 100x gather/build ratesSpeed always wins
Win in singleplayerthis is too hard

Since it’s made a return from Age of Empires II, the “Gives 10,000 stone” cheat may be: rock on

Age of Empires IV Hotkey Cheat Sheet

Here are the hotkeys you’ll have in your arsenal to help build up your village, manage your army on the battlefield, and help you become a better player in Age of Empires IV.

Take a look at this handy PC keyboard Hotkey Cheat Sheet to help you better defeat your enemies!

Age of Empires IV Hotkey Cheat Sheet — Click here for enlarged picture!

Gameplay Hotkeys

Hotkey DefaultSecondary HotkeyHotkey Action Description
Left Click a unitN/ASelect unit
Double Left Click a unitControl and [ Left Click ] a unitSelect all visible units of same type
Shift and [ left click ] a unitN/AAdd/Remove unit from selection
Left Click ground and drag mouseN/ABandbox select groups of units
Left Click groundN/AConfirm building or ability placement
Shift and [ left click ] groundN/AQueue building or ability placement
Right Click ground or unit with unit(s) selectedN/AIssue contextual order to selected unit(s) (ie. Move, Attack, etc)
Right Click ground and drag mouse with unit(s) selectedN/AIssue facing move order
ESCN/ACancel / deselect unit / game menu / skip NIS. Not user remappable.
Control + ACtrl + K“Select all units on screen”
Control + Shift + ACtrl + Shift + K“[Shift]: Select all units” – Appears as shift message on Control-A binding
Y with a unit selectedCtrl + YAccess secondary UI panel
ALT and move mouseCaps lock“Rotate camera (hold)”
[Num 6“Rotate camera 45 degrees counter-clockwise”
]Num 4“Rotate camera 45 degrees clockwise”
BackspaceNum 0“Reset camera” – 1st press resets camera rotation, 2nd press resets zoom
F5 N/A“Focus on selected unit(s)”
HomeN/A“Follow Selected Unit”
ALT+A“Pan camera left” – Default binding remapped on non-English keyboards to the key at that location
ALT+D “Pan camera right” – Default binding remapped on non-English keyboards to the key at that location
/\ (up arrow)ALT+W “Pan camera up” – Default binding remapped on non-English keyboards to the key at that location
\/ (down arrow)ALT+S “Pan camera down” – Default binding remapped on non-English keyboards to the key at that location
Unit Management  
TabRight arrow“Cycle through selected units (forward)”
“Cycle through selected unit types (forward)”
Ensure multiple types of units are selected and Tab with units selected
Control + TabLeft arrow“Cycle through selected units (reverse)”
Cycle through selected unit types (reverse)
Ensure multiple types of units are selected and Control + Tab with units selected
NB: can’t do shift-tab because it’s the steam overlay ;(
0-9Num [x1]“Select Control Group X”
1x selects group, 2x selects and centers camera on group (or follow depending on user setting “Focus on selected unit(s)”)
Control and 0-9 [ range above ]Num X [x1]“Set Control Group X to selected unit(s)”
Assign group to selected units
Note: Setting a control group when no units are selected effectively removes that control group
Shift and 0-9 [ range above ]N/A“[Shift]: Add Group To Selection”
Changing this to “[Shift]: Add Selected Units to Group”
Add selected units to group
Appears as shift message on 0-9 binding
F1M“Select all Military Production Buildings”
pick center-most building of selection using setting FindAndCyclePickType for pick-type (since mongol buildings can move, so follow actually has meaning)
F2K“Select all Economy Buildings” as above
F3O“Select all Research Buildings” as above
F4P“Select all Landmarks, Wonders, and Capital Town Centers”
F5 JFocus on Selected Unit(s)
HL“Cycle through Town Centers”
Control + HCTRL + L“Focus on Capital Town Center”
Select and center camera on Capital Town Center
‘ (Apostrophe)]“Cycle through individual Monk units”
Default binding remapped on non-English keyboards to the key at that location
/[“Cycle through individual Scout units”
Default binding remapped on non-English keyboards to the key at that location
. (Period)N“Cycle through Idle Economy” (idle economy include villagers, trade carts, fishing ships, and trade ships, officials (chinese civ))
Default binding remapped on non-English keyboards to the key at that location
Control + . (Period)CTRL + Up arrow“Select all idle Villagers”
Pick all idle villagers (IdleVillagerPickType)
Default binding remapped on non-English keyboards to the key at that location
(if all idle villagers are selected and made un-idle, Ctrl-. will not change the current selection – as designed)
Control + Shift + VUp arrow“Select all Villagers”
Pick all Villagers (FindAndCyclePickType)
Control + Shift + RPage up“Return all Villagers to work (from Seek Shelter)”
, (Comma)Down arrow“Cycle through idle Military units”
Default binding remapped on non-English keyboards to the key at that location
Control + , (Comma)CTRL + Down arrow“Select all idle Military units”
Default binding remapped on non-English keyboards to the key at that location
Control + Shift + CCTRL + M“Select all Military units”
Control + FCTRL + V“Cycle through Villagers gathering Food”
Cycle through groups of villagers gathering Food
Control + WCTRL + B“Cycle through Villagers gathering Wood”
Cycle through groups of villagers gathering Wood
Control + GCTRL + J“Cycle through Villagers gathering Gold”
Cycle through groups of villagers gathering Gold
Control + SCTRL + K“Cycle through Villagers gathering Stone”
Cycle through groups of villagers gathering Stone
Shift and [ unit production hotkey ] or click buttonN/AQueue production of 5 units of that type
Delete (hold) with unit selectedCTRL + =Delete unit or building
InsertCTRL + –“Toggle Team-based or Unique player colors”
Shift + Enter\“[All] Global chat”
Enter/[Team] Team chat
Enter with chat openN/ASend chat message
Tab with chat openN/ASwap between [All] Global and [Team] Team chat
Page UpShift + >“Scroll chat messages (older)”
Page DownShift + <“Scroll chat messages (newer)”
F6Ctrl + F“Toggle Players & Tribute panel”
SpacebarNum Enter“Focus on last event”
Center camera on last notification
Control + E then Left ClickCtrl + P“Notify Ping”
Control + R then Left Click“Attack Ping”
Control + T then Left ClickCtrl + D“Defend Ping”
F10`“Game Menu”
F11Ctrl + T“Toggle game time display”
ESC`Pause game
PauseN/A“Pause Simulation”
F8Ctrl + Q“Quick Save”
F9Ctrl + I“Quick Load”

Observer/Replay HUD Hotkeys

HotkeySecondary HotkeyDescription
Control + UU“Toggle cinematic mode”
Control + CP“Toggle free camera”
Control + FL“Toggle fog of war”
Control + ]Ctrl + .“View next player”
Control + [Ctrl + ,“View previous player”

Age of Empires IV Unlockable DLC Items

Buying the $80 Age of Empires IV: Digital Deluxe Edition gives you the following exclusive wolf-themed in-game DLC:

  • Exclusive Coat of Arms,
  • Exclusive Player Profile Portrait,
  • Exclusive Monument.

Here’s a showcase of the in-game content you receive with the Digital Deluxe Edition in Age of Empires IV.

AoE4 – Digital Deluxe Edition Content Overview

Age of Empires IV Tips and Tricks

In this guide we go through 8 useful tips for beginners in Age of Empires 4 by discussing some top tips aimed at first time players or people that are returning to the Age of Empires series.

Tips Timeline:

  • 0:00 Intro & Summary
  • 1:30 Hotkeys
  • 3:26 Complete Art of War
  • 4:51 Unit Stat Cards
  • 6:40 Unit Groupings
  • 8:30 Unit Facing
  • 9:28 Learn One Civilization
  • 11:04 Passive Bonuses
  • 13:14 Countering Units
  • 15:10 Utilize Scouts
  • 16:03 Conclusion
Age of Empires 4 – 8 Useful Tips for Beginners (First Time Player Tips)

In this quick faction guide, we discuss the English Civilization for Age of Empires 4 across all of their unique units (Vanguard Men-at-Arms & English Longbowmen) as well as their unique technology, tech tree, buildings, navy, and landmarks!

Civilizations Timeline:

  • 0:00 Patch Notes Summary
  • 2:26 English Faction Overview
  • 8:02 English Unit Choices
  • 13:00 Unique Technologies
  • 17:27 English Landmark Choices
  • 21:16 Naval Units
  • 22:22 English Army Composition
  • 24:41 Conclusion
Age of Empires 4 – English Civilization Guide (Units, Techs, Buildings)

Up next, a reformatted tech tree for the Abbasid Dynasty, Chinese, English, and Holy Roman Empire in Age of Empire 4, with comparisons to the base tech tree. (Landmarks are not included.)

Tech Tree Timeline:

  • 0:00 – Intro
  • 0:42 – Buildings
  • 1:30 – Barracks, Stable, Archery Range, Siege Workshop
  • 2:08 – England Variant
  • 2:42 – HRE Variant
  • 3:17 – Abbasid Variant
  • 3:31 – China Variant
  • 4:25 – Dock
  • 4:47 – Dock Variants
  • 5:25 – TC, Market, Monastery
  • 5:48 – TC + Monastery Variants
  • 6:11 – Mill, Lumber Camp, Mining Camp
  • 6:44 – England Mill Variant
  • 6:51 – Blacksmith
  • 7:07 – HRE Blacksmith Variant
  • 7:15 – University
  • 7:31 – China University Variant
  • 7:41 – Outpost, Keep
  • 7:59 – Keep Variants
  • 8:22 – Abbasid House of Wisdom
  • 8:42 – England Passives
  • 9:17 – China Passives
  • 10:28 – HRE Passives
  • 11:07 – Abbasid Passives
  • 11:37 – Conclusion
Age of Empires IV – Tech Tree Comparison – Abbasid, China, England, HRE


These are all Age of Empires 4 cheats on PC. Until more are discovered, we made the handy Age of Empires IV guides listed above to help you with tips and tricks for the game!

Credits: Relic Entertainment, ItalianSpartacus & Waddling Duck

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