Monster Hunter Rise: How To Unlock Okami’s Amaterasu Layered Palamute Armor

Find out in Monster Hunter Rise: How To Unlock Okami’s Amaterasu Layered Palamute Armor “Ammy Costume” in the Switch & later PC action RPG game.

Obtain a new layered armor to make your Palamute look like Amaterasu from Okami. It’s part of the Capcom Collab 2 Event Quest coming to Monster Hunter Rise on July 30, 2021.

How to get Okami’s Amaterasu in Monster Hunter Rise

The Okami Event Quest went live in Monster Hunter Rise on July 30, 2021. Claim this permanent quest by visiting the Courier, selecting the “Add-on Content” menu and pressing A to receive the “Event Quest: Rising Sun!?” Next, go to the Event Quest option at the Gathering Hub’s Quest Counter to accept this Okami game-themed special quest, by selecting the “Event Quests” menu, choosing “Low Rank” difficulty and starting the quest. — Complete the quest by finding and delivering 21 Sun Goddess Picture boxes in the Shrine Ruins area to Senri the Mailman within 20 minutes. Goes fastest if you bring your Palamute. The box locations are even marked with green dots on your mini-map. — Once done, visit Buddy Smithy, and go to the “Special” menu’s “Forge Layered Armor” section to make the Amaterasu armor all as one. This costs 1080 z, but you get 2160 z money as a reward for doing this quest anyway.

How to Get AMATERASU Layered Palamute Armor | Monster Hunter Rise Okami Event Quest

Note: Equip this to change the look and bark of your Palamute!
It will even support you with one of each type of the three Divine Instruments: a Reflector, a Rosary, and a Glaive!

Tip: The effects while riding your Palamute will change depending on the locale as well!
Even Issun, Ammy’s trusty travel companion, will make his appearance!

Monster Hunter Rise – Okami Collab – Official Trailer

Don’t miss out on this unique layered armor for your Palamute!