Pokemon Go Fest 2021 Prep Guide

Time to prepare for Pokemon Go Fest 2021, which takes place on Saturday, July 17, and Sunday, July 18, from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM in your local time zone each day. The big appeal of the event is it allows you to catch rare Pokemon and it features increased shiny rates.

Pokemon Go Fest 2021: Preparation Tips

Day 1 Preparations Timeline:

  • 2:45 GO Fest details
  • 4:30 GO Fest Spawns
  • 6:42 GO Fest Bonuses
  • 7:29 Tip 1 : Best Area to Play
  • 9:27 Tip 2 : Items Needed
  • 12:05 Tip 3 : Bag Maintenance
  • 13:54 Tip 4: Get Coins
  • 15:16 Tip 5 : Discord / Global Friends
Pokemon Go Fest 2021 – Prep & Tip Guide – 8 New Shinies

Day 2 Raiding Timeline:

  • 2:07 Go Fest Day 2
  • 2:30 How to Raid More
  • 3:20 Future Mega’s List
  • 3:40 Future Meta Raiders
  • 4:10 Master League PvP
  • 4:50 Future Mega’s Explanation
  • 8:00 Future Meta Raiders Explanation
  • 12:13 Master League PvP Explanation
  • 15:06 Top Wind Hour
  • 17:19 Top Lava Hour
  • 19:40 Top Frost Hour
  • 21:11 Top Thunder Hour
Pokemon Go Fest 2021 – Raid Bosses Breakdown

Go Fest 2021 Events Timeline:

  • 0:50 GO Fest special trades
  • 2:37 Meloetta hats
  • 3:07 Tier 1 & 3 raids
  • 4:46 Comm Day Move Evolutions
  • 4:20 Post Go Fest Unlocked Events
  • 6:36 Clothing & Avatar Items
Pokemon Go – Shiny dialga and Palkia coming to events after Go Fest 2021

There are 38 raid bosses going on in rotation for the entire day. They are…

Wind Hour

  • Shiny Mewtwo
  • Shiny HO-OH
  • Shiny Latios and Latias
  • Shiny Giratina altered forme
  • Shiny Cresselia
  • Shiny Verizon
  • Therian Tornadus

Lava Hour

  • Shiny Moltres
  • Shiny Entei
  • Shiny Regirock
  • Shiny Groudon
  • Shiny Heatran
  • Shiny Terrakion
  • Reshiram
  • Therian Landorus
  • Yveltal

Frost Hour

  • Shiny Articuno
  • Shiny Suicune
  • Shiny Lugia
  • Shiny Regice
  • Shiny Kyogre
  • Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf
  • Palkia
  • Kyurem

Thunder Hour:

  • Shiny Zapdos
  • Shiny Raikou
  • Shiny Registeel
  • Shiny Rayquaza
  • Dialga
  • Shiny Cobalion
  • Therian Thundurus
  • Zekrom
  • Xerneas

Pokemon Go Fest 2021: How To Catch As Many Shinies As Possible

For starting players, Niantic recommends you get to level 10 first. If you are currently below Level 10, be sure to get to level 10 prior to the event in order to maximize your experience.

Free up plenty of spots in your Pokemon Box ahead of time. I cleaned up almost 500 spots. This prevents the stress of a filled up Pokemon Box. Unless it’s your favorite Pokemon or a super rare Legendary, you probably don’t need 10 or more of the same Pokemon, so clean up a little or trade them with friends or family to free up space. Or if you’ve got PokeCoins, you can now upgrade your Pokemon Box from 3,500 to 4,500 spots!
During the event you can search for 4* and 3* in your Pokemon Box to find your best catches (fingers crossed for those 100% IV’s!) every hour and star favorite the best Pokemon. Because this will allow you to throw away the terrible IV Pokemon.

Save up hundreds of Great Balls and Ultra Balls (by opening up Gifts daily before the event and spinning PokeStops), as well as Golden Razz Berries (you get them from completing raids) and Silver Pinap Berries, to make it easier and faster for yourself to catch the rare and shiny Pokemon throughout the day. Free up your bag space by deleting too many revives and using rare candy. Of course if you’re only shiny checking, then you won’t need that many of the better PokeBalls. So if you’ve already got a 100% IV Pokemon, you may just want to shiny check that Pokemon species and focus on catching other Pokemon you don’t have a good one of yet. At the end of the day if you choose to only go for catching as many shinies as possible, then shiny checking is what’s best to do, but you should still have 100 Ultra Balls and 100 Golden Razz Berries or Silver Pinap Berries to be able to catch your shinies without them running away!

Make sure you save up plenty of PokeBalls for your Pokemon Go Plus or Gotcha device (again opening up gifts daily before the event is the best way), despite spinning Pokestops during the day, you might need a few hundred PokeBalls each day. I’ve saved up 600 to be safe. This allows you to catch Pokemon in the background while you’re also catching a rare or shiny Pokemon yourself on-screen. Lots of Pokemon will appear, more than you can check, so this is a handy feature to get a better chance at getting more shinies.

Starting the Pokemon Go app: Playing the game on each of the two days will open 2 Special Research lines, but you can complete them at any time later on if you’re short on time. So if you want, you can focus on catching rare Pokemon and doing shiny checks throughout the event, and then come back to the Special Research quests after the event. So that’s good to know if you’re running out of time, although it is of course fun to do them right away.

Once the event starts each day, use Incense: Incense activated during the event will last for one hour and will be even better at attracting featured Pokémon. Around 120 Pokemon per hour (up to 150 Pokemon per hour if you use the fast catch or refresh screen tricks). Personally, once the each daily 8-hours-long event beings I will activate 8 Incense right away, as the timer for Incense and other items nowadays stacks, so you don’t need to remember to activate the next one and can just focus on playing.

While this year’s Go Fest is meant as a play from home event, if you’re in a Coronavirus stricken region of the world (and if you’re allowed by your government) you can go outside (with social distancing) and walk to your favorite park or Pokemon spawn spot and preferably play by a couple of PokeStops. Outside of walking around past PokeStops, it’s a good idea to always be near a couple of PokeStops because during this event PokeStops will be automatically lured and spawn loads more Pokemon than usual! Combine this with always having Incense running and you’re set to increase your possible shiny spawns by a large margin!

Set your Buddy to be a Pokemon you’re at least Great Buddy with, so it will give you a Catch Assist by headbutting the PokeBall back to the Pokemon if it defended itself, it’ll give you a second chance at catching the rare/shiny Pokemon without it running away. A Great Buddy will also bring you Presents throughout the event that may contain balls, berries or revives you need.

Explore all five of the habitats to find the most variety of shinies: During Day 1, there will be five themed habitats rotating each hour, and each will feature different Pokémon! So each habitat will come by twice on Saturday. And remember your most wanted shiny Pokemon from the list of Pokemon with a naturally high shiny rate (listed at the beginning of this guide). It’ll help keep you focused on rarely appearing Pokemon that also have a high chance of being shiny during Go Fest 2021.

Make sure you take regular breaks to eat, drink, recharge your phone, maybe take a quick nap like Snorlax, he knows how to relax. It’s a fun game after all! 😀

Take a look at some expected shiny raid bosses on Day 2 of Go Fest 2021:

Pokemon Go Fest 2021 – SHINY DIALGA & PALKIA RAIDS

These are just some tips from my own experience of playing Pokemon Go since 2016. Please feel free to share any tips of your own you might have. 🙂

Which shinies are you looking forward to catching at Go Fest 2021?