Monster Hunter Stories 2 Egg Locations Guide

11 July 2021
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Monster Hunter Stories 2 Egg Locations Guide

Welcome to the Monster Hunter Stories 2 Egg locations guide that helps you find more rare Eggs locations in the Switch & PC RPG adventure game.

The overview for in-game Eggs locations is listed below.

Index of Monster Hunter Stories 2 Guides:

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Eggs

Hatch More Eggs & Bottle Cap Locations

Tips: Eggs can be found in Monster Dens that randomly appear in the field. You can only take one egg out of a den, but as long as eggs remain in the nest, you can exchange the one you have for another one. However, remember to stay alert while you are choosing an egg, as a monster may awaken from its slumber or suddenly return home to its nest and attack you. How long you want to stay and deliberate is up to you!

How to hatch more eggs at the same time? Get more Egg Space by getting more Bottle Caps from Everdens. The in-game Monstie collectibles locations for the Eggs and more are described in this detailed video guide.

Timeline in minutes for the Bottle Caps & Everdens Locations Guide:

  • 0:00 — Need More Egg Space?
  • 0:24 — How to Expand Egg Space
  • 1:39 — Bottle Cap Spending at Melynx
  • 2:55 — Everden Locations with Tips
  • 4:07 — Bottle Cap Locations
  • 5:07 — Keep Your Bottle Caps / Rite of Summoning
Monster Hunter Stories 2 | More Egg Space | Bottle Caps | Everdens

Rare Monster Dens with Egg Locations

Tips: There are even some rare dens that pop up infrequently where you can get your hands on elusive monster eggs and ones that contain hard-to-find genes. Once you have made it safely out of the Monster Den, bring the egg to the Stables and hatch it to get a new Monstie for your journey!

Genes: The Rite of Channeling is a ritual that allows you to transfer a gene from one Monstie to another. By doing this, you can awaken a new ability in the Monstie receiving the gene, thereby creating your own original Monstie. During the ritual, you can choose which slot you will place the gene in. This gives you the opportunity to enhance your Monsties by awakening new skills and abilities in interesting combinations.

Each Monstie possesses a variety of genes. The color of the gene represents its element and the pattern of the gene represents its attack type. Align three genes of the same color or pattern in a row—either vertically, diagonally, or horizontally—and you will receive a Bingo Bonus. This will grant your Monstie even more power! In this game, you can place a gene in an empty slot, stack a gene atop one of the same type, and even obtain multiple bingo effects using genes of the same color! Boosting skills and obtaining Bingo Bonuses are great ways to strengthen your Monsties!

Channeling examples: By transferring Yian Kut-Ku’s Fireball Gene to a Lagombi, you can give the Lagombi the ability to manipulate fire that it would never have naturally. Or, if you transfer genes from a Glavenus, Gammoth, Mizutsune, and Astalos to an Arzuros, the Arzuros will be able to use the skills of the Fated Four from Monster Hunter Generations! Through the Rite of Channeling, you can create a versatile Monstie that can use Power, Speed, and Technical skills. Or you can upgrade your Monstie’s fire element abilities until it is a fire specialist. Transferring genes allows you to individualize your Monsties, creating ones that nobody else has!

Co-op Quest Rare Eggs: In Co-Op Expedition Quests, you can connect with another Rider from anywhere in the world and explore special areas only accessible via Multiplayer. This is a great way to get your hands on monster eggs. There are multiple nests in each area, which means more chances to acquire rare eggs. You can even get your hands on many eggs during one expedition.

You will need to obtain special in-game Expedition Tickets in order to embark on Co-Op Expedition quests. There are different types of Expedition Tickets, categorized by rarity level. If you use a rare Expedition Ticket, you will be able to obtain harder-to-find eggs.

Where to find Eggs in Monster Hunter Stories 2?

Timeline in minutes for the Rare Monster Dens & Eggs Locations Guide:

  • 2:11 — How to Spot Rare Monster Dens
  • 4:16 — Respawn Rare Monster Dens
  • 6:56 — Gene Reveal from Eggs
  • 8:14 — Trail Quest: 5 Turns?
Monster Hunter Stories 2 | Best Monster | Egg Farming

Rare Genes with Prayer Pots & Rare Egg Locations

Timeline in minutes for the Rare Eggs Locations Guide:

  • 0:00 — Ready for Rare Eggs?
  • 0:27 — Rare Genes with Prayer Pot
  • 1:38 — Charm/Chest/Blue Chest Farming
  • 3:01 — Brown Chest Farming/Respawning Chests
  • 4:20 — Blue Chest Spawns
  • 6:27 — Prayer Pot Strategies
  • 7:36 — Upgraded Genes
  • 9:13 — Star Genes (1UP/2UP)?
Monster Hunter Stories 2 | Rare Eggs | Chest Farming | Prayer Pot

There you go! All Eggs in Monster Hunter Stories 2 are yours for the taking! 🙂

I hope these tips helped you get more of the Eggs hidden in the game.

Please check out our other “How To” guides listed at the top of this page to enjoy Monster Hunter Stories 2 more! 😀

Huge thanks to Poogie Boogie for the guide videos and tips.

Please comment if you have any additional Monster Hunter Stories 2 Eggs location tips of your own, we’ll give you credit for it. – Thanks for visiting!


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