E3 2021 Capcom Press Conference Roundup

The E3 2021 Capcom Press Conference broadcast aired today, has revealed brand new information about Capcom’s Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One & Xbox Series X games lineup. Capcom’s E3 2021 keynote conference started on June 14th at 2:30PM PDT (Pacific USA) / 5:30PM EDT (Eastern USA) / 10:30PM BST (London) / 7:30AM AEST (Sydney, Australia) and lasted a slim 25 minutes. What follows is a bulletpoints roundup

The biggest news included Resident Evil 8: Village DLC, and a Monster Hunter Rise – Capcom Collab 1 with Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin.

Here’s the full Capcom E3 2021 broadcast video: (starts at 11 minutes)

Capcom 2021 Press Conference Stream

E3 2021 Capcom Press Conference Roundup:

  • Resident Evil 8: Village opens the show with its producer’s message of thanks to the fans that made the game a huge success. Resident Evil 8: Village’s RE:Verse online multiplayer game included for free and will go live in July 2021. Resident Evil 8: Village DLC announced and has only just started development!
  • Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin trailer shown. Rathalos egg and Red’s kinship stone given to the lead character at the start of the game. Riders can bond with monsters AKA Monsties (Besties?). A Palamute Monstie will be added in the game’s first Title Update. The strange happenings and the Wings of Ruin are connected somehow. Coming exclusively to Switch on July 9, 2021. Trial version available June 25, 2021.
  • Monster Hunter Rise – Capcom Collab 1 between the two Switch games coming June 18 & July 9, 2021. A new Version Update coming to Rise on June 24, 2021 to keep its 7 million fans happy.
  • The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles trailer shown. These two The Great Ace Attorney prequel games are coming West from Japan for the first time. Herlock Sholmes joins our Ace Attorney. Many Objections ensue! — Two new modes you can turn on/off at any time. Autoplay Mode automatically advances the text for you. Or turn Story Mode on to have the game handle everything, including making choices and puzzle solving, perfect for when you’re stuck or lazy. — Release date is July 27, 2021 on Switch, PS4 & Steam. More info at Ace-attorney.com.
  • Capcom Pro Tour 2021 and Intel World Open eSports talk about competitive Street Fighter 5. Sign up at Capcomprotour.com & Streetfighterleague.com.
  • Sadly no Pragmata gameplay reveal that I was very curious about, nor any more Resident Evil 4 VR news. Maybe they are keeping a surprise for the Nintendo conference tomorrow?

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Credit: Capcom

What’s your favorite Capcom E3 2021 announcement?