Miitopia Cheats

Looking for Miitopia cheats on Switch & 3DS? Here we’ll list Miitopia cheat codes and unlockables with tips for Nintendo’s Mii-starring RPG game.

Here we will show you how to unlock all Miitopia codes with a cheats list that’s valid for the Switch & 3DS versions (where available).

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Miitopia Cheats List

Miitopia Unlockable Amiibo Clothing

How to unlock clothing by showing Amiibo figurines to the game: First you’ll need to complete two stages in Easin Hills for the “Nintendo Fan” Mii in a Mario costume to appear. Second, (s)he’ll ask if you have any Amiibo figurines to show him/her, at which point the game will prompt the Amiibo screen saying “If you have an Amiibo, touch it to the NFC area!”, which is between the right Joycon’s 4 buttons and the analog control stick. — Full unlockables list below.

Miitopia — Where to scan in all the Amiibo to get new outfits
Unlockable ItemHow To Unlock
3 Arcade Game TicketsShow any other Amiibo not listed.
Bowser ClothingShow a Bowser Amiibo
Callie ClothingShow a Callie Amiibo
Daisy ClothingShow a Daisy Amiibo
Donkey Kong ClothingShow a Donkey Kong Amiibo
Ganondorf ClothingShow a Ganondorf Amiibo
Inkling Boy ClothingShow an Inkling Boy Amiibo
Inkling Girl ClothingShow an Inkling Girl Amiibo
Isabelle ClothingShow an Isabelle Amiibo
K.K. Slider ClothingShow a K.K. Slider Amiibo
Kirby ClothingShow a Kirby Amiibo
Link ClothingShow a Link Amiibo
Luigi ClothingShow a Luigi Amiibo
Marie ClothingShow a Marie Amiibo
Mario ClothingShow a Mario Amiibo
Mr. Resetti ClothingShow a Mr. Resetti Amiibo
Ness ClothingShow a Ness Amiibo
Peach ClothingShow a Peach Amiibo
Rosalina ClothingShow a Rosalina Amiibo
Samus ClothingShow a Samus Amiibo
Sheik ClothingShow a Sheik Amiibo
Squid ClothingShow a Squid Amiibo
Toad ClothingShow a Toad Amiibo
Tom Nook ClothingShow a Tom Nook Amiibo
Yoshi ClothingShow a Yoshi Amiibo
Zelda ClothingShow a Zelda Amiibo
Zero Suit Samus ClothingShow a Zero Suit Samus Amiibo

All Amiibo costumes unlocked in the Switch version of Miitopia:

Miitopia – All Amiibo Costumes (Switch)

Miitopia Easy Money Cheat

How to get easy money repeatedly: Go into a level without enemy encounters like “Karkaton Peak” to quickly finish it and be brought to the “Arcade” screen’s Roulette game (at a cost of 1 Game Ticket per try), keep replaying the level until you get a Roulette with a high yellow Weaponry chance to win.

This is why you must go into a level with your strongest characters, so you get rewarded the strongest possible weapons, which (once won) you can resell right away for a lot more money. Keep doing this until you have all the money you need.

Miitopia – Fast & Easy Money Farming Source Guide

Miitopia EXP Farming Cheat

How to farm more EXP: First, Level 1-5 characters can grind EXP by beating all the enemies, especially Slimes & Banshees, in the “Riverdeep Cavern” level.

Second, higher level characters before the Dark Lord final boss can farm EXP at the “Karkaton Escent” level. This level’s enemy encounters will help grind your team’s relationship stats as well.

Miitopia – Fast & Easy EXP Grinding Spots & Farming Methods Guide

There are no other Miitopia cheats on Switch & 3DS yet. So until more are discovered, we made the handy Miitopia guides listed above to help you with tips and tricks for the game!

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