New Video Game Releases in Week 20 of May 17, 2021

16 May 2021
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Miitopia game release

Here’s the list of new video game releases in week 20 of May 17, 2021. The most popular video games released this week are: Miitopia, Rust: Console Edition, and Knockout City.

A couple of fun new releases in this 3rd week of May 2021! ๐Ÿ˜€

The new video game releases this week are:

Monday May 17:

  • Arrow Sudoku (PC, Mac)
  • Sheriff Exam (PC VR; HTC Vive, Oculus Rift)

Tuesday May 18:

  • Arcaea (Switch)
  • Chess Knights: Shinobi (Switch, Xbox One)
  • Days Gone (PC) — Note: Former Sony PS4-exclusive.
  • Essays on Empathy (PC)
  • Jetboard Joust (Switch)
  • Leisure Suit Larry: Wet Dreams Dry Twice (Switch, PS4, Xbox One)
  • Siege Survival: Gloria Victis (PC)
  • SnowRunner (PC, Switch)
  • Void Terrarium Plus (PS5)

Wednesday May 19:

  • 0 Degrees (Switch, Xbox One)
  • Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield (PC, Switch, Xbox One)
  • Crossroads Inn (Xbox One)
  • Outbreak: Endless Nightmares (Switch, Xbox One)
  • Techno Tanks (Xbox One)

Thursday May 20:

  • Akiba’s Trip: Hellbound & Debriefed (Switch, PS4) — Note: Japan-only release.
  • Alchemist Adventure (Switch, Xbox One)
  • Angelique Luminarise (Switch) — Note: Japan-only release.
  • Backworlds (Switch)
  • CLANNAD Side Stories (Switch)
  • Color Your World (Switch)
  • Invirium (Switch)
  • Jay and Silent Bob: Mall Brawl (PS4, Xbox One)
  • Just Die Already (PC, Switch, PS4, Xbox One)
  • Lacuna โ€“ A Sci-Fi Noir Adventure (PC)
  • Layers of Fear 2 (Switch)
  • Let It Roll Slide Puzzle (Switch)
  • Manifold Garden (PS5)
  • Mind Scanners (PC)
  • Of Bird and Cage (PC)
  • Rise of the Slime (Switch, PS4, Xbox One)
  • Rising Hell (Switch)
  • Rune Factory 5 (Switch) — Note: Japan-only release.
  • Sakura Succubus 2 (Switch)
  • Sure Footing (Xbox One)
  • Tested on Humans: Escape Room (Switch)
  • Tiger Trio’s Tasty Travels (Switch)
  • Uncharted Waters 4 (PC, Switch) — Note: Japan-only release.
  • Wood Block Escape Puzzle (Switch)

Friday May 21:

  • Cosmic Top Secret (Switch, PS4, Xbox One)
  • Driving World: Aspen (Switch)
  • Guards (Switch, Xbox One)
  • Gutwhale (Switch)
  • Knockout City (PC, Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X) — Note: Free with Xbox Game Pass & EA Play.
  • Miitopia (Switch)
  • Rust – Console Edition (PS4, Xbox One)
  • RoboPhobik (Switch)
  • Wanna Survive (Switch)
Miitopia – Switch TV Commercial
Rust: Console Edition – Gameplay Trailer
Knockout City – Official Gameplay Trailer

Free April 2021 Games:

  • PlayStation Plus Games for May 4th 2021: Battlefield V (PS4), Stranded Deep (PS4), Wreckfest: Drive Hard, Die Last (PS5).
  • PlayStation Play At Home for April-May 2021: Horizon: Zero Dawn – Complete Edition (PS4) and more to come mid-May.
  • Epic Games Store Free Games in May 2021: Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms, Pine.
  • Nintendo Switch Online Games for May 26th 2021: Joe & Mac AKA Caveman Ninja (SNES), Magical Drop 2 (SNES), Super Baseball Simulator 1000 (SNES), Spanky’s Quest (SNES), Ninja JaJaMaru-kun (NES).
  • Xbox Games with Gold May 2021: Truck Racing Championship (Xbox One), LEGO Batman: The Videogame (Xbox 360), and from May 16th onwards Armello (Xbox One), Dungeons 3 (Xbox One), Tropico 4 (Xbox 360).
  • Xbox Game Pass May 2021 Games: Dragon Quest Builders 2 (Console, Cloud, PC; May 4), Knockout City (Console; EA Play; May 21).
  • Xbox Game Pass April 2021 Games: Outriders (Cloud, Console), MLB The Show 21 (Cloud, Console; April 20), Phogs! (PC; April 22), Second Extinction – Game Preview (Cloud, Console, PC; April 28), Destroy All Humans! (Cloud, Console, PC; April 29), Fable Anniversary (Cloud; April 30), Fable III (Cloud; April 30).

What video games will you be playing this week? Any of these?


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