Returnal Cheats

6 May 2021
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Returnal Cheats

Looking for Returnal cheats on PS5? Here we’ll list Returnal cheat codes and unlockables with tips for Sony & Housemarque’s new roguelike, psychological horror shooter game.

Here we will show you how to unlock all Returnal codes with a cheats list that’s valid for the PS5 title.

Take a look at the cheats below…

Returnal Cheats List

Returnal Developer Keyboard Cheats

Plug a Keyboard into one of your PlayStation 5 console’s USB ports to be able to type in numbers that automatically drop weapons into the game as a developer cheats system. It wasn’t intended to be accessible by us, so the developers patched it out from Returnal Version 1.04 and onwards. Luckily, there’s a trick you can use to only install version 1.00 of the game where these cheats still work. It only works if you have the game on disc, from the disc you can uninstall and install the game, then while it’s installing onto your PS5 disconnect the console from Online.

These cheats work on Returnal Versions 1.00 to 1.03:

  • Press & hold Shift, Control, Alt keys at the same time and then press 1 to 0 to drop weapons for your current level.
  • Press & hold Shift, Control keys at the same time and then press 8 to instantly get taken to your last place (First Cycle). — Note to not use this cheat after Biome 3, unless you’ve already beaten the game once.
  • Press & hold Shift, Control keys at the same time and then press 4 to instantly be taken back to your ship (Ship Respawn). — Note to not use this cheat after Biome 3, unless you’ve already beaten the game once.

Note: Pressing Shift, Control, 3 or 7 freezes the game. And pressing 1, 2, 5, 6, 9, 0 don’t do anything.

Returnal – Developer Cheats PS5 – Discovered by TheRandomizer

Returnal Unlockable DLC Items

How to unlock the game’s alternative cosmetic outfits?

After claiming your DLC Item code and downloading it to your PS5 console, start the game. Go inside your spaceship Helios and walk just to right of the ship computer to find Storage panels. Interact with a “Suit Storage” panel to change costume. This will let you change your Astro Suit.

The Digital Deluxe Edition from the PlayStation Store for $10 more includes:

  • Electropylon Driver weapon
  • Hollowseeker weapon
  • 1 Reflex Stimulant consumable
  • 1 Pulsating Mass artefact
  • 1 Adrenaline Booster
  • 2 in-game suits for Selene

How to obtain the DLC pre-order bonus Astro Suits?

Take a look at this video guide showing you where to go in your Helios spaceship.

Returnal: How To Obtain DLC Pre-Order Bonus – (Change Your Astro Suit)

Returnal Unlockable Real Ending

How to unlock the game’s real ending?

A requirement is to clear every instance of Selene’s house.

Returnal Tips and Tricks

Returnal’s planet of Atropos is a cruel, unforgiving rock. Here are 7 tips & tricks on how to survive the dangerous biomes filled with enemies galore!

Health Protips: Go inside your spaceship Helios to sleep in the cabin to restore your health. Combine that with the knowledge that full health converts Silphium to Resin, meaning you can potentially turn every green pickup in the 4th biome into Resin to increase your health pool. This will help increase your maximum health!

Returnal Tips and Tricks – Beginner’s Guide

Note: Get more official Returnal tips from the developers.


These are all the Returnal cheats on PS5 so far. Until more are discovered, we made the handy Returnal guides listed above to help you with tips and tricks for the game!

Do you know of any Returnal cheats or unlockables? Let us know in the comments, you’ll get credit for finding out. – Thanks for visiting!



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