2D Action RPG Under the Island Announced for PC

Developer Slime King Gmaes has announced Under the Island, a 2D action RPG set in a fantasy world inspired by the 1990s. It is planned for release on PC via Steam.

Watch the Under the Island Announcement Trailer:

Here is an overview of the game, via its Steam page:

About Under the Island

Do you remember getting up early on a Saturday morning as a kid just to play video games? Do you love the feeling of diving into unknown worlds, where a new adventure is waiting for you behind every bush? Then Under the Island is the game for you.

Under the Island is a 2D action RPG about saving a small island. You play as Nia, who must explore the deepest secrets of the island to prevent it from sinking. In search of the necessary artifacts, Nia fights monsters, solves puzzles and explores the island’s complex ecosystem.

Help the inhabitants and learn more about the ominous Ancient civilization that inhabited the island long before humans.

Key Features

  • Explore a huge interactive world full of surprises.
  • Each playthrough is different, depending on your play style.
  • Find unique artifacts and items that let you interact with the game world.
  • Beat the four main dungeons in any order you like.
  • Over 30 mini dungeons and caves.

Visit the official website here.