New Super Nintendo Switch Pro Release Date, Price, Specs & Launch Games Rumor Roundup

The by us dubbed New Super Nintendo Switch Pro, a long-rumored 4K upscaler chip with a 720p 7″ OLED screen upgrade to the Nintendo Switch portable console, is expected to finally arrive in Holiday 2021.

Officially codenamed “Aula”, it’s possible Nintendo will end up naming it the Switch Pro or, if they are feeling particularly nostalgic for the Super NES-era, the Super Switch.

Here’s a roundup of all the latest leaks and rumors…

Huge Nintendo Switch Pro Leak Reports 7-Inch OLED Screen, 4K Output To TV & Late 2021 Release

New Super Nintendo Switch Pro Release Date

The Nintendo Switch Pro release date is expected for Holiday 2021, likely mid-November 2021 in the weeks before Black Friday 2021.

But if the global semiconductor shortages hold strong throughout 2021, with semiconductors remaining in short supply due to strong demand for electronics during COVID-19 lock-downs worldwide, Nintendo may need to delay the new portable console version’s release by half a year to Spring 2022.

New Super Nintendo Switch Pro Price

The Nintendo Switch Launched March 3, 2017 at $299 while the Nintendo Switch Lite Launched September 20, 2019 for $199. The Nintendo Switch Pro price is expected to be $299.

It will coincide with Nintendo replacing the original Switch with the new Switch Pro, while the Switch Lite remains at $199. Similar to what they did with the 3DS, 2DS & 3DS XL roll-out in the previous portable generation.

No price cuts are expected in the older Switch lineup because Nintendo simply can’t manufacture enough of them to sell*, they keep selling out at current prices. Not to mention the semiconductor chip shortages making it hard to scale up console production to meet demand.

*Note: If they can keep production lines running for three different versions of the Switch, then the prices may drop further for the Switch, Switch Lite & Switch Pro to $199, $149 & $299 respectively. This is possible due to the original hardware being 4.5 to 5 years old by time of release for the Pro.

New Super Nintendo Switch Pro Specs & Other Rumors

  • A new retail model is definitely being worked on for release. There have been references to it since firmware 10.0.0 one year ago;
  • The next model’s codename is “Aula” (for comparison, the Switch Lite model is called “Hoag”) and its form factor is codenamed nx-abcd (for comparison, the Switch Lite is nx-abcc);
  • “Aula” will feature an improved display of some sort and it bundles a dp2hdmi chip from Realtek (likely RTD2173 or from the same family). Communication with this chip is done by the “nvservices” system module using new ioctls for sending/getting panel messages via DPAUX;
  • The new display requires special handling in code, suggestive of OLED / MiniLED technology, and is tied to a new manufacturer;
  • The SoC is still Mariko / T214 / T210B01 / TegraX1+;
  • DRAM is now being produced with 10nm process, but no new sizes or types can be observed. This means “Aula” will keep the usual 4GB LPDDR4X;
  • It’s speculated this new dp2hdmi chip is designed for upscaling HDMI output to 4K. This is further corroborated by changes in the HDCP DRM (“nvhost_tsec” firmware inside “nvservices”) and by looking at RTD2173 as example;
  • It’s still unclear how the output signal will be generated (maybe by placing the system in a new dock?), but the evidence suggests the dp2hdmi chip lives *inside* the new display and not in an external PCB dock.

New Super Nintendo Switch Pro Launch Games

And if the Switch Pro launch gets delayed into 2022…

Sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – First Look Trailer
Return to the Sinnoh region in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl
Bayonetta 3 – Official Teaser Trailer

Will you be buying the Switch Pro?

I will be there Day 1! What’s most exciting about the new dp2hdmi chip is not just that it is designed for upscaling HDMI output to 4K, but also that that will allow all games to not be stuck at 30FPS, but (new games will be for sure) boosted to 60FPS for a super smooth gaming experience! 😀

Sources: ComputerBild, Mike H. & Bloomberg