Evil Genius 2 Gets 10 Minutes of Gameplay With Developer Commentary

Rebellion has released a new 10-minute gameplay video for Evil Genius 2. In this video, we join Producer Ash Tregay and Lead Designer Rich Edwards as they explain the core features of the game while walking you through some of the tutorial part of the game.

Watch the Evil Genius 2 New Gameplay Video:

The new footage delves deep into the Evil Genius 2 tutorial, showcasing some of the game’s intuitive base-building mechanics, establishing and advancing your criminal networks on the world stage, and a few of the many ways you can stop enemy agents from uncovering your lair’s dastardly secrets.

Evil Genius 2 lets you live out your dreams of being the bad guy. Players can build their secret lair on an exotic island, recruit and train loyal minions and powerful henchmen. They will also defend their base from the Forces of Justice and dominate the world stage.

The game will feature four evil geniuses to play as, four unique campaigns, and three island locations. It will also have a cavalcade of new rooms, henchmen, agents, traps and lots more.

Evil Genius 2 is coming to PC via Steam on March 30th.