Deck13 Interactive Opens Montreal Studio, New Game in 2022

Focus Home Interactive announced that its development studio Deck13 will open a subsidiary in Canada. Deck13 is the first development studio to be integrated into the Focus Home Interactive Group in July 2020.

The German-based studio is experienced in creating original universes and action games with visceral and spectacular combat mechanics (Lords of the Fallen, The Surge 1 & 2), and has been working for several months on an ambitious new project slated for worldwide release in 2022. The Canadian teams of Deck13 will initially be dedicated to the development of this high-potential title.

“Montreal is a great breeding ground for creative talent and a catalyst for technological innovation,” said Mathias Reichert, Managing Director of Deck13. “Opening a subsidiary in Canada is a logical continuation in the history and internal development of our studio. Deck13 Studio Montreal will allow us to strengthen our knowledge and integrate new visions, cultures and know-how that will undoubtedly take the studio to the next level.”

“The creation of a Focus Home Interactive Group studio in Canada is a key step in our desire to develop the Focus brand while supporting our studios and partners in their growth and ambitions. We are delighted that this step has been taken via the Deck13 studio, a historical partner and now an integral part of our ambitious project. This subsidiary is the symbol of our desire to integrate new talents and skills, and demonstrates our exacting standards and our determination to always seek quality and innovation that will allow us to offer unique gaming experiences to players,” declared Christophe Nobileau, Chairman of the Management Board of Focus Home Interactive.