Takaya Imamura, the Artist Behind F-Zero and Starfox, Announces his Retirement

Takaya Imamura has left Nintendo after 32 years of employment, the game developer announced in a Facebook post.

“Today is my last day coming to work,” Imamura said. “I took a selfie with the empty office building. It feels pretty sad to think about not coming here anymore… Hats off to myself for 32 years of hard work!”

In response to a comment from Takara Tomy A.R.T.S hobby planning department general manager Tomoo Yoda, Imamura added that he will be doing freelance work in the future.

Imamura has worked on a number of titles during his time at Nintendo. He was a graphic designer on the original F-Zero and Star Fox games, including the character designs for Captain Falcon and Fox McCloud; art director on Star Fox 64; chief designer on F-Zero X; art director on The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, including the creation of Tingle; producer on Star Fox: Assault and Star Fox: Command; director on Steel Diver and Tank Troopers; and supervisor for a number of other F-Zero and Star Fox games.