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Looking for Hitman 3 cheats on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X & Stadia? Here we’ll list Hitman 3 cheat codes and unlockables with tips for IO Interactive’s new stealth game sequel in the World of Assassination trilogy.

Here we will show you how to unlock all Hitman 3 codes with a cheats list that’s valid for the PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X & Stadia versions (where available).

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Hitman 3 Cheats List

Hitman 3 Unlockable Items

  • Pre-order Bonus DLC Items: The HITMAN 3 pre-order bonus celebrates all three games in the World of Assassination trilogy. Introducing the Trinity Pack. You’ll get it just by pre-ordering the game, no matter what platform or edition.
    The Trinity Pack includes a total of 9 items, with 3 distinct sets that represent a different game from the trilogy. Each set includes a suit, briefcase and weapon. From the White of HITMAN 1, the Red of HITMAN 2 or the Black of HITMAN 3, you’ll have all 9 items in your inventory to mix and match as you like. The classic Hitman insignia is etched onto the items in gold to add an elegant flourish.
    Note: The Trinity Pack will not be included with either the Standard Edition or Deluxe Edition after January 20, 2021.
    Tip: After carrying over all your Hitman 1 & 2 content including all Masteries to Hitman 3. The Hitman 3 pre-order bonus may not appear, in that case simply restart the game (multiple times if need be) to get them back. Before restarting Hitman 3 make sure your IOI Account has been connected.
    Additionally, after downloading the Hitman 1 & 2 legacy map packs, you can delete Hitman 1 & 2, since Hitman 3 will then have all the trilogy maps, your unlocks, and the upgrades for being a new game.
  • Extra DLC Escalations: The only difference between the two HITMAN 3 Standard and Deluxe Editions is the Deluxe Pack, which includes 6 Deluxe Escalations, in-game suits, items and weapons, a digital soundtrack for each game in the World of Assassination trilogy, an introduction to each HITMAN 3 campaign mission by the Game Director and a digital artbook that highlights the characters, targets and missions included in the trilogy. A free IOI Account is required to download the digital soundtracks and World of HITMAN Art Book.
    Note: Some Deluxe Escalations are available right away in January 2021, but others will be released over time in 2021.

Hitman 3 Tips and Tricks

Gameplay Introduction: As Agent 47 embarks on the most important contracts of his career, you’ll be in full control of his deadly abilities, razor-sharp instincts and entire arsenal of weapons and tools. You’ll need them all to master the art of assassination.

HITMAN 3’s sandbox locations give you complete freedom to approach your objectives in any way you want. As well as the new multi-function camera, you’ll also be able to interact with the game world in new ways to access new opportunities and paths through each level. Want to organise a meeting with your target? Check. How about opening elevator doors to access a new route? You can do that too and so much more.

As you explore each mission and complete challenges, you’ll rise through 20 Mastery tracks that will unlock new tools, weapons and even Starting Locations that will let you begin your next playthrough with a big advantage – possibly even in a disguise. All of the items and weapons that you unlock in a Mastery track are added to your permanent inventory, so you’ll be able to pick and choose from them no matter what mission you want to take on next.

HITMAN 3 has been made with replayability front and centre. You simply cannot see and do everything that a mission has to offer in a single playthrough, and the Mastery tracks keep things fresh as you take new approaches, use new items and discover previously unexplored areas.

Depending on how you choose to complete your objectives, you’ll be awarded with a Playstyle at the end of each misson. From the coveted Silent Assassin to a Hired Gun and everything in between, there’s a Hitman style for every player. Maybe you’re a Marksman?

Introducing HITMAN 3 Gameplay

Tip: You can unlock new Tools and Weapons in the “Mastery Tracks”. This allows you to refine your approach as you advance across 20 Mastery tiers per level.

Protip: When you are holding anything, you can hold down the left and right shoulder buttons on your controller (L1 + R1 on PlayStation / RB & LB on Xbox / R & L on Switch) to bring up a “PLACE” interface that lets you carefully set down dangerous explosives such as bombs and mines.

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