Nier: Automata’s “Final Secret” Has Been Found Nearly Four Years After Release

3 January 2021
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NieR: Automata Fan Art

In Weekly Famitsu No. 1527, which released in March 2018, NieR: Automata director Yoko Taro said there was one “last NieR: Automata secret” players had yet to discover. Today, three years and 10 months after the game’s release, it has been discovered.

“I found a cheat code in NieR: Automata that allows you to skip to the last ending immediately after killing the first boss and unlock the bonus modes,” video game modder Lance McDonald said in a tweet. “I’ll do a full video soon. It’s not a glitch, it’s an actual cheat code hard-coded into the engine.”

Taro confirmed this to be the last secret with a tweet reading, “(NieR: Automata Spoilers)…….. 3 years 10 months. (???)”

The NieR series’ official Japanese Twitter account added further confirmation with the tweet, “NieR: Automata‘s last secret has been discovered. It contains spoilers, so if you haven’t played yet, please be careful on social media.”

NieR: Automata first launched for PlayStation 4 in Japan on February 23, 2017, followed by PlayStation 4 in North America on March 7 and Europe on March 10, PC via Steam worldwide on March 17, and Xbox One worldwide a year later on June 26, 2018. A “Game of the YoRHa Edition” launched for PlayStation 4 and PC worldwide in February 2019.


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