Pokemon Go: How To Gain XP Fast Guide

2 January 2021
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Pokemon Go: How To Gain XP Fast Guide

Welcome to the “Pokemon Go: How To Gain XP Fast Guide“. On this page we’ll show you a Experience Points Boost Guide, which explains how to get to higher levels fast in Pokemon Go with the right equipment to gain your max level in the mobile game.

Finding out how to earn more XP lets you rank up faster now that levels 41 to 50 have been added to Pokemon Go. The trick? Turn on a lucky egg for double XP, then play during a double XP event (check the Today tab on the Field Quest binoculars orange icon at the bottom-left of your game screen), to get 1.000 XP times 4 is 4.000 XP per Excellent throw. Simply use a Nanab Berry to stop a Pokemon from moving, and practice throwing Excellent curveball throw on every Pokemon to catch them on the first throw, to get a much higher 4680 XP reward.

  • Pokemon Caught: 400 XP
  • Excellent Throw: 4.000 XP
  • Curveball Throw: 80 XP
  • First Throw: 200 XP
  • Total XP / Catch: 4.680 XP

Use this hint video guide to rapidly earn XP at a rate of 500,000 per hour by grinding and speeding your way to level up from level 40 to 50:

Pokemon Go – Fastest Way to Gain XP – half a million XP per hour

I hope these tips to level up fast will help you get to Level 50 faster.

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