Worms Rumble Launch Trailer Released

Team17 is launching the latest entry in the Worms franchise, Worms Rumble, for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC, bringing fast-paced, real-time action to the award-winning series for the very first time. The game debuts with three maps: Missile Mall, Portal Park, and Transforming Towers, with free additional content and updates set for release over the coming weeks and months. This opening salvo of content delivers three modes: Deathmatch (which also allows players to queue as a party with their friends) and solo & team-based variants of battle royale (Last Worm Standing and Last Squad Standing) in matches containing up to 32 players.

Check Out the Worms Rumble Launch Trailer:

As announced by Sony Interactive Entertainment, Worms Rumble is immediately available for free on both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 during December as part of PlayStation Plus, so subscribers can download the game and jump straight into the action-packed arenas. They’ll also have the option of taking part in crossplay battles with PC players on Steam. Worms are fully customisable, with options to play in a variety of outfits and weapons skins, which are unlocked through level progression and the use of in-game currency.

Players who want to spice up their outfit collection further can also purchase two downloadable content collections, the Action All-Stars Pack and the Legends Pack. The Action All-Stars include variants of a ninja, superhero, and wizard, while the Legends Pack has sheep, donkey, skunk, pigeon, cow, and retro commando outfits in various colours and styles. Worms Rumble is available to PC players either directly from the Team17 Store or via Steam.

Key Features

Real-time, frantic, 32-player action: Worms Rumble makes history as the first game in the series to introduce real-time strategic combat and object destruction.

Get more targets with crossplay matchmaking: Whether on PS4, PS5, or PC, players can battle against players from all other platforms.

Make your Worm its own: No Worms game would be complete without cosmetics and personalisation, ranging from outfits and hats, to skins for your Worm and weapons they wield.

Lock and load your arsenal: Crates across the maps contain a host of weapons and items, including fan favourites like the Sheep Launcher, Holy Hand Grenade, and Grapple Gun.