What Is The PlayStation 5 Going To Look Like?

11 June 2020
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What is the PlayStation 5 going to look like?
What is the PlayStation 5 going to look like?

The PlayStation 5 console has the same vertical-aligned upright look that the PlayStation 4 console had. It has the same dual black & white colors that the PlayStation 5 controller has. Here is the first photo from the online reveal event today, it shows the similar looking two versions: A digital-only console and a normal console that adds in the 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player in the hardware so you can play 4K Blu-ray movie and game discs.What is the PlayStation 5 going to look like?

Take a look at the PlayStation 5 console with the PS5 reveal trailer:

PS5 Hardware Reveal Trailer

What do you think of the PlayStation 5 console’s look?



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