Maid of Sker for PS4, Xbox One and PC Delayed to July

4 June 2020
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Wales Interactive, the minds behind Don’t Knock Twice, The Bunker and The Complex, are announcing that survival-horror title Maid of Sker will now launch in July 2020 for Steam, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Richard Pring, Game Director said, “The new date will enable Maid of Sker to launch simultaneously across digital and physical platforms, whilst also allowing for the team to fine-tune the macabre horror in Maid of Sker to its absolute-ly terrifying limits!”

Steeped in rich Welsh folklore, Maid of Sker draws players back to 1898 to venture through the notoriously macabre Sker Hotel. With multiple ways for your stay at Sker Hotel to come to an end, use your time wisely as you navigate the halls and grounds, employing no-weapon survival tactics, and relying on your ability in keeping quiet to keep breathing.


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