Gears Tactics Achievements Guide

The Gears Tactics achievements guide lists every achievement for this PC & later Xbox One turn-based strategy game and tells you how to get and unlock them all.

In the Gears Tactics achievement guide we’ll show there are 50 Achievements (6 Secret Achievements) with a total of 1,000 Gamerscore points to earn in the PC and Xbox One versions.

Index of Gears Tactics Guides:

Gears Tactics Achievement Guide

01. Champion of Vasgar (40 Gamerscore Points) — Complete all Campaign Acts (any difficulty).

02. Hero of Vasgar (60 Gamerscore Points) — Complete all Campaign Acts on Experienced or Insane difficulty.

03. Savior of Vasgar (80 Gamerscore Points) — Complete all Campaign Acts on Insane difficulty.

04. Smash! (10 Gamerscore Points) — Complete a Sabotage side mission.

05. Fortuna Audaces Sequitur (10 Gamerscore Points) — Complete a Scavenger Run side mission.

06. Everyone stay cool, this is a robbery! (10 Gamerscore Points) — Complete a Control side mission.

07. Stronger Together (10 Gamerscore Points) — Complete a Rescue side mission.

08. We’re in the endgame now (10 Gamerscore Points) — Complete a Veteran Mission.

09. I could do this all day (30 Gamerscore Points) — Complete 20 Veteran Missions.

10. Grubslayer (10 Gamerscore Points) — Kill 10 enemies.

11. Grubslaughter (20 Gamerscore Points) — Kill 1000 enemies.

12. Grubpocalypse (50 Gamerscore Points) — Kill 10000 enemies.

13. Tactics! (5 Gamerscore Points) — Perform a chainsaw execution.

14. Tick Tick Tick… (5 Gamerscore Points) — Kill an enemy with a Ticker explosion.

Tips: The earliest you encounter Tickers are in Act 2, Chapter 3: Awol. The Tickers move randomly towards you. You can kick them and before you do aim it toward some nearby Locusts. — Before you explode or kick a Ticker, make sure to first weaken the nearby Locusts to guarantee they get killed by the Ticker explosion.

Note: You can reload the checkpoint to retry this as many times as you need.

15. Boom! (30 Gamerscore Points) — Kill 100 enemies with Ticker explosions.

16. Legen (wait for it)… (20 Gamerscore Points) — Upgrade one primary weapon with all Legendary mods.

17. …dary! (40 Gamerscore Points) — Upgrade each Hero’s primary weapon with all Legendary mods.

18. I am Ironman (10 Gamerscore Points) — Complete the Campaign on any difficulty with Ironman mode enabled.

19. God-like (20 Gamerscore Points) — Complete 20 missions without any of your units dying or being downed.

20. Immortal (40 Gamerscore Points) — Complete 100 missions without any of your units dying or being downed.

21. I never miss (10 Gamerscore Points) — Hit a target with 10% or less chance to hit.

22. Happy Killmore (10 Gamerscore Points) — Close an Emergence Hole by kicking a Ticker into it.

23. I’ve got your ‘BOOM’ right here! (10 Gamerscore Points) — Kill a Boomer with a boomshot.

Gears Tactics – I’ve got your ‘BOOM’ right here! – Achievement Guide

24. The path of the righteous man (10 Gamerscore Points) — Complete a mission without any of your units dying or being downed.

25. BOGO (10 Gamerscore Points) — Kill an enemy, AND an enemy behind it, with a single burst of bullets.

Tip: Can easily be done on Act 1, Chapter 2. There is a large amount of Wretches that spawn once you reach the down Raven. Wretches spawn usually in groups of 4 and will stay together. You will just have make sure you have the right lines of sight that if you hit the first you will hit the second. I would suggest a heavy unit, as their mulcher will easily go through two wretches.

Gears Tactics – BOGO – Achievement Guide

26. Trick Shot (10 Gamerscore Points) — Get 4 kills with a single Torque Bow shot.

27. Demolition Expert (10 Gamerscore Points) — Close an Emergence Hole before any enemies have emerged.

Tip: Can be done very fast in Act 1, Chapter 4. After you’ve made it to the Rig. There will be a quick comment from Sid about the Grubs tunneling underneath us and you will see an emergence hole forming to the left of the Rig perimeter, if you’ve left the video angle the same from the beginning. Now you can simply plant a frag grenade on the Emergence Hole before it opens to blow it up!

Gears Tactics – Demolition Expert – Achievement Guide

28. High Noon (30 Gamerscore Points) — Complete a mission by only dealing damage with Snub Pistols.

Tip: Can be done in Act 1 Chapter 3. It’s done where you rescue two Gears in pods. You don’t have to kill all enemies here, hence it’s easiest to accomplish in this mission, especially when playing on Beginner difficulty as it keeps the enemies low enough in case you make some mistakes. Just make sure you switch to your Snub Pistols immediately on all characters when they become available, including the Rescued Gears.

Note: You can Execute a downed Grub, but you cannot chainsaw or bayonet execute anyone or the achievement is null and void.

Gears Tactics – High Noon – Achievement Guide

29. Ain’t no one like me, ‘cept me! (30 Gamerscore Points) — Complete a mission on Insane difficulty with a single soldier.

30. Immortal Legion (50 Gamerscore Points) — Complete the campaign on Insane difficulty without a single unit dying.

31. Seriously Tactical (100 Gamerscore Points) — Earn Grubpocalypse, Immortal Legion, I Could Do This All Day and Boom!

32. Check out the big brain on Brett! (10 Gamerscore Points) — Kill 5 enemies with a single Overwatch action.

Gears Tactics – Check out the big brain on Brett! – Achievement Guide

33. Pinata (10 Gamerscore Points) — Kill a single unit that has taken damage from each Gear on the mission.

Gears Tactics – Pinata – Achievement Guide

34. Snafu (5 Gamerscore Points) — Heal an enemy unit with a Stim Grenade.

Gears Tactics – Snafu – Achievement Guide

35. Aw man, I shot Marvin in the face (5 Gamerscore Points) — Down a Gear with friendly fire.

Tip: Make sure a teammate is in between you and your enemy target, so they get taken down by friendly fire.

36. Oh I’m sorry did I break your concentration? (5 Gamerscore Points) — Interrupt an enemy Overwatch with a Disrupting Shot from the Snub Pistol.

37. We should have shotguns for this… (10 Gamerscore Points) — Complete a Veteran Mission with all Scout units.

38. Backdoor Man (10 Gamerscore Points) — Kill 6 targets with a single Rampage, after coming out of Cloak.

Gears Tactics – Backdoor Man – Achievement Guide

39. Three Count (10 Gamerscore Points) — Hit with 3 Explosive Shots while having maximum Anchored bonus in a single turn.

40. Trouble in Paradise (10 Gamerscore Points) — Empower a Teamworked unit and gain 3 AP from their kills.

Gears Tactics – Trouble in Paradise – Achievement Guide

41. Midnight Hour (10 Gamerscore Points) — Gain AP from the Avenger skill, then use a Rage shot to kill the unit that caused your AP gain.

Gears Tactics – Midnight Hour – Achievement Guide

42. Up Up Down Down (10 Gamerscore Points) — Use Alpha and Omega twice each in the same turn.

Gears Tactics – Up Up Down Down – Achievement Guide

43. The Big Ending (20 Gamerscore Points) — Revive a Scout with Stim ability and then use that Scout to kill at least 5 enemies with Rampage.

44. Great vengeance and furious anger… (20 Gamerscore Points) — In one turn, Breach 3 enemies; kill one of each with Precision Shot, Reckless Shot and Double Shot.

Gears Tactics – Great vengeance and furious anger… – Achievement Guide

Secret Achievements:

45. World on Fire (5 Gamerscore Points) — Complete the Tutorial Mission.

46. Hell of a shot (10 Gamerscore Points) — Team up with Mikayla.

Tip: You get a new Gear called Mikayla to join your team after completing Act 1 Chapter 3. You can play as Mikayla in Act 1 Chapter 4, complete the mission, and then log out. Then open the game back up, after loading back into a game and waiting a little while the achievement unlocks.

47. The bigger they are, the harder they fall (10 Gamerscore Points) — Defeat the Brumak.

Tips: Can be done in Act 1, Chapter 6: Into the Fire. As the Brumak boss fight starts, your squad of 4 is split by the sides. It’s recommend you take out the machine guns off the Brumak first, as it limits its attack pattern to simply stomp and missile barrage (which also takes out any enemies in its range). — Try your best to keep the Brumak in the middle of the screen and chip the health down, as you get a checkpoint about halfway towards his health bar. There’s another checkpoint in this fight after taking down the first two tanks.

Note: As you destroy the tanks on the Brumak’s back, there will be Emergence Holes that pop up with wretches. Take out the E-Holes quickly before they open by placing a frag grenade on top of them, so they don’t cause any issues for you.

48. Maybe too much spine… (10 Gamerscore Points) — Secret Achievement.

49. Broken hand, broken heart (20 Gamerscore Points) — Defeat the Corpser.

Tips: Can be done in Act 2. Chapter 8: Trapped. The Corpser attacks include: Sweeping a large area with its legs. Spitting out around 3 proximity mines. As it gets close to dying it will sweep 2 areas and spit even more mines. And it will use its legs to shield up. But you can shoot or use explosives to open the legs.

There will be Emergence Holes that will spawn. Take out the E-Holes quickly before they open by placing a frag grenade on top of them. Drones and wretches will spawn periodically. Take care of them so you don’t get overwhelmed. — Make sure when you can to take advantage of executes / chainsaws / bayonet charges, so you get an extra turn for your squad.

50. Dead men tell no tales (20 Gamerscore Points) — Secret Achievement.

Note: They clearly had fun naming these achievement titles, lots of quotes from Samuel L. Jackson, John Travolta, Jules Winnfield, and Vincent Vega.


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