Resident Evil 3 Remake Unlimited Ammo Cheat

4 April 2020
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Resident Evil 3 Remake Unlimited Ammo Cheat

Check out the Resident Evil 3 Remake Unlimited Ammo Cheat that lets you unlock infinite ammo by picking up infinite ammo weapons in Resident Evil 3 Remake.

Below you’ll find a Resident Evil 3 Remake infinite ammo guide that explains how to get infinite ammo weapons in Resident Evil 3 Remake.

How to Unlock Infinite Ammo in Resident Evil 3 Remake

Here’s for Resident Evil 3 Remake all weapons that have Infinite Ammo and how to get them for Jill Valentine and Carlos Oliveira!

How to unlock infinite ammo: Finish Resident Evil 3 Remake’s story campaign once. After that’s completed, play the game a second time to be able to earn Points by completing chapters, boss fights and other in-game challenges.

If you earn enough Points*, you can either buy infinite ammo weapons or items you can hold to upgrade your character abilities.

After completing the game, after you buy any of the unlockable weapons, then you have to start a new game and you’ll receive the weapon when you open a chest.

How to get to the item shop: Pause the game to get into the Main Menu, then select Bonuses and Shop.

Whether you call it a cheat, a glitch or a feature, these special weapons have infinite ammo built-in, so you’ll never run out of ammo again. These unlimited ammo weapons can be unlocked with Points and will make any subsequent playthroughs of Resident Evil 3 Remake much more fun, because you won’t be worried about ammo management anymore.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Unlimited Ammo Cheats List

  • Lock Pick — Item Price: 2.800 Points — Unlocks: A specialized tool which allows a skilled user to unlock simple locks when no key is available.
  • Bolt Cutters — Item Price: 2.800 Points — Unlocks: A tool for cutting chains, cables and the like.
  • HOT DOGGER — Weapon Price: 7.200 Points — Unlocks: A knife that can cause zombies to burst into flames.
  • Samurai Edge — Weapon Price: 5.600 Points — Unlocks: Jill’s custom pistol.
  • RAI-DEN — Weapon Price: 12.000 Points — Unlocks: An electrical weapon.
  • Infinite MUP Handgun — Weapon Price: 8.000 Points — Unlocks: Infinite ammo pistol.
  • Infinite CQBR Assault Rifle — Weapon Price: 28.400 Points — Unlocks: Infinite ammo assault rifle.
  • Infinite Rocket Launcher — Weapon Price: 62.400 Points — Unlocks: Infinite ammo rocket launcher.

And that’s the complete list of weapons with infinite ammo cheating in Resident Evil 3 Remake!

* How to farm kills for Points on a new game to get the Infinite Rocket Launcher in one hour:

If you save just before the Carlos hospital fight (preferably on Assisted Mode), you can farm assault rifle and handgun kills easily. Once you beat that location, it is very easy to farm grenade launcher and magnum (and shotgun) kills at the fuse part. Just have a save set up that has the bridge raised for the fuse where the two container doors blow off and that’s an easy 7 kills with the magnum every 40 seconds.

Note: Farm kills for two hours to unlock / buy all coins, pouches and the RAI-DEN.

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