New Witchbrook Screenshots Reveal a Better Look at the Game

3 April 2020
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While details on Chucklefish’s Witchbrook have been slim, an official website has led to the reveal of a few images that offer a little more insight into the upcoming life simulation. While only three new Witchbrook screenshots have been released, each one offers a hint at what life could be like at the academy.

The first of the Witchbrook screenshots offers a look at the town. The player’s avatar is standing in front of a cafe on a busy street. This one offers a better look at how the design direction has changed.

In a second one, it seems like we have a better look at what crafting, specifically potion making, could look like in Witchbrook. A player’s avatar is holding a potion over their head after working at a classroom’s cauldron.

Finally, the third one of the Witchbrook screenshots takes people to a garden. The avatar is holding a watering can and is outside of a greenhouse. A number of plants and vegetables, specifically pumpkins and gourds, are all growing in plots.

Witchbrook was first revealed back in March 2018. It is currently in development for unrevealed platforms. People can sign up for the game’s The Witchbrook Oracle email newsletter at its official website.


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