Half-Life: Alyx Easter Eggs

Let’s take a look at some funny Half-Life: Alyx easter eggs! They can be found if you know where to look! 🙂

Easter eggs have been confirmed for Half-Life: Alyx. Watch footage of them all below.

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All Half-Life: Alyx Easter Eggs:

  • [0:00] — Missing Cat: The missing cat Beatrice, from the Laundromat poster, may have been used in Kleiner’s teleportation experiments.
  • [1:18] — Wallace Breen magazine.
  • [1:29] — Gnome Chompski bottle opener.
  • [1:44] — Garden Gnome Gag: During Russell’s outside pistol training at the start of the game, Gnome Chompski can be found on the couch, like Half-Life 2: Episode 2 you can take him with you to the end of the game to unlock an achievement.
  • [2:01] — Black Mesa logo on PC monitor.
  • [2:13] — Team Fortress 2 Scout (baseball) figurine: Find it in front of a blue-screen monitor at Russell’s place. Simply place it on Russell’s Eli rescue map when asked by him for an item to represent yourself to unlock a secret achievement.
  • [2:52] — PC Floppy Disk: After you shoot your first headcrab and zombie-headcrab, you’ll come across a computer room desk. Picking up the blue floppy disk in front of an old school computer will result in Russell telling you all about it. While it says it has 50 games for ÂŁ4.95, sadly there’s no way to insert the floppy disk into the nearby computer.
  • [3:23] — Classic Windows Screensaver.
  • [3:49] — Lazlo Sticky Note.
  • [4:13] — Portal Turret graffiti.
  • [4:34] — G-Man’s Theme Music: At the start of the game on a balcony, you can turn the radio tuner knob all the way to the right to find a secret channel.
  • [5:15] — Play the piano: At the start of the game you’ll come across a carpet room with a piano on it, press the piano keys to find out it’s interactive.
  • [6:02] — World Globe: In the VHS room where you can feed the Snark (this is Alyx’s room I think), look on the Snark table to find an interactive world globe. Since City 17 is set in Easter Europe, rotating the globe will let you find out what the scientists think happened to the rest of the world.
  • [6:18] — The Citadel Drawing: In the same Snark/Globe room, look on the other side to find a drawing that shows The Citadel being built over time with other notes about its construction.
  • [6:25] — Pylon 7B Drawing: In the same Snark/Globe room, look on the other side to find a guard schedule drawing that shows Alyx’s father Eli Vance is out stealing supplies from a Shipping Yard called Pylon 7B.
  • [6:50] — Baby Dog Photo & Prototype Sketches: Inside the same Snark/Globe room, look on the top shelf (left of the door) to find a photo of Dog from Half-Life 2 as a baby robot. — Now turn around from the door to see the wooden desk with the VHS tapes on it, along with a clipboard that has a piece of paper on it with various drawing of possible Dog prototypes, since Dog was upgraded as Alyx grew up.
  • [7:28] — Snark Alien Pet: In the same Snark/Globe room, you can see Alyx has a Snark as a pet (even though Snarks were used as grenades in Half-Life 1). Grab the coffee can with fish-food next to it and sprinkle it into the Snark’s fish bowl home from the top to feed the snark.
  • [7:42] — Dr. Kleiner Teleportation Book: On the ground of a balcony at the start of the game, you can find a “From Here To There” Book about teleportation by the scientist Dr. Isaac Kleiner, who’s working on perfecting teleportation on the other Half-Life games.
  • [7:57] — Black Mesa Book: Under a stack of leather-bound books, you can find another book titled “Black Mesa, White Lies” from Dr. Jonas Allard filled with leaked Black Mesa secrets. You can read a full synopsis on the back of the book. The book itself is also a reference to the game Firewatch where the same book can be found.
  • [8:33] — Deus Ex reference: At the bottom of a locker you can find a piece of paper with the 0451 access that code. This code was first used to unlock a vault in the game Deus Ex.
  • [8:54] — Seven Hour War Newspaper: Throughout the game (from the playground at the start onwards) you can find the same newspaper about the Black Mesa disaster that lead to the Seven Hour War with Wallace Breen appearing on the frontpage as Earth’s surrender negotiator. We’ll type out the full newspaper text* at the bottom of the page, since the same article repeats itself throughout the frontpage.
  • [9:33] — Tiger Mask to wear.
  • [10:00] — Death Stranding reference: There’s a blue with yellow boot and package in a warehouse section. It has the Bridges logo on the box, which is an organization that delivers packages in the Death Stranding game.
  • [10:44] — Creative drawing: At the start of the game, you can pick up a red marker pen and write / draw all over the windows.
Half-Life: Alyx – All Easter Eggs & Secrets

*Full Seven Hour War Newspaper Report:

Half-Life: Alyx The Terminal Newspaper
Half-Life: Alyx “The Terminal” Newspaper describing the Seven Hour War between Earth and The Combine

THE TERMINAL – EXTRA EDITION – VOL. CCXXVIII No. 32 – Internet Address: http://theterminal.online

Unlikely Negotiator Of Peace Garners Ill Will And Distrust As Well As Praise.

Wallace Breen Acknowledges Detractors: “I’m Not A Politician, I’m A Scientist”

By Helene Thompson; Staff Reporter of The Terminal.

Decades spent on the cutting edge of abstract physics put Dr. Wallace Breen in a unique position to negotiate a sweeping multinational surrender to the extraterrestrial invasion force known as “the Combine.”

But a lifetime ensconced in the bureaucracy of government-funded research — with its security clearances and an emphasis on theory and long-term exploration over politics and practicality — has left Breen (52) poorly equipped for the moral and political scrutiny his actions have invited.

Critics have accused him of rank opportunism, selling out humanity after simply being in the right place at the right time. Breen himself offers only a token rebuttal.

“Those who know me and my work know I’m not a politician,” he said in an interview televised last night. “I’m a scientist. Given the data, and the extreme nature of the situation, I took the only possible course of action.”

No politician, indeed — and that’s precisely the problem, argues Davide Ransomen of the University of Eastern Colorado’s political science department. “With no claim to a legitimate democratic mandate Breen has essentially legitimized an interplanetary coup.” Ransomen told The Terminal.

Those sympathetic to Breen say the military realities of the unprecedented assault rendered traditional notions of democratic legitimacy irrelevant.

“Any ability to communicate with our invaders outweighed issues of governance,” said retired General Stanley Thorberg,” a former commander of NATO forces and a frequent defender of Breen in the days since the ceasefire. Would you rather we died? Or worse.”

The News *** World-Wide *** WITNESSING THE UNKNOWABLE [World map shown with conflict areas everywhere]: No pattern has been discerned for where or when a portal will open

“Portal” Storm Continues

It’s True: Window to Another Place Open Across the Globe [Photo shows humans looking at a portal from trans-dimensional border world Xen opening up in the sky above]

By Greg Ip; Staff Reporter of The Terminal.

On behalf of hundreds of national governments, the United Nations has ceded the entirety of the planet Earth, with all its states and peoples, to the extraterrestrial invaders dubbed the “Combine.”

The surrender halted a withering worldwide assault that yesterday claimed untold human lives in mere hours.

The events have prompted speculation that the so-called “portal storms” of recent days, which have caused panic and chaos across the globe, may have been intentional prelude to an attack. Previous attempts to explain the storms have varied, with explanations ranging from the meteorological consequences of climate change to clandestine scientific experiments. There is little consensus on any of the unprecedented events, but some prominent biologists and zoologists believe the Combine to be a species distinct from the lethally aggressive creatures the storms continue to spawn.

Governments’ abilities to protect their citizens had been stretched to the breaking point by the time the more coordinated Combine force arrived. When Dr. Wallace Breen, administrator of a little-known New Mexico research facility, contacted U.N. officials claimed he had determined how to communicate with the invaders, there was no appetite for resistance. Breen was given carte blanche to negotiate for peace at all cost, and he took conn [text repeats after this sentence]

The Economy

An Astronomical Downturn

Historic Bubble Bursts at the Hands of Earth’s Surrender to Combine

State of the Market: Not Good

Exchange – Status

Source: Terminal ????

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