New Video Game Releases in Week 7 of February 10, 2020

Here’s the list of new video game releases in week 7 of February 10, 2020. The most popular video games released this week are: Dreams, Darksiders Genesis, Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate, and Daemon X Machina.

A lot of great new releases this second week of February 2020.

The new video game releases this week are:

Monday February 10 =

  • Help Me Doctor (Switch)

Tuesday February 11 =

  • Reed Remastered (PS4, PS Vita; Cross-Buy)
  • Yakuza 3 Remastered (PS4)
  • Yakuza 5 Remastered (PS4)
The Yakuza Remastered Collection – Announcement Trailer

Wednesday February 12 =

  • Cosmonauta (Switch)
  • Thief Town (Switch)

Thursday February 13 =

  • Azur Lane: Crosswave (PC, PS4)
  • Daemon X Machina (PC) — Note: Former Switch-exclusive.
DAEMON X MACHINA – Steam Launch Date Announcement Trailer

Friday February 14 =

  • Darksiders Genesis (PS4, Xbox One, Switch)
  • Dreams – Full Version (PS4)
  • Snack World: The Dungeon Crawl – Gold (Switch)
  • Street Fighter V: Champion Edition (PS4, PC)
  • Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate (PS4, Switch)
Dreams – Release Date Trailer
Darksiders Genesis – Announce Trailer
Street Fighter V: Champion Edition – Announcement Trailer

Free February Games =

No games for me on the 10th, but I will be celebrating my bday with my wife in Disneyland Paris! It’ll be epic! 😀

What video games will you be playing this week? Any of these?