Dreams Release Date Announced

Dreams will launch for PlayStation 4 on February 14, 2020 for $39.99, publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment and developer Media Molecule announced.

Watch the Dreams Release Date Trailer:

The game / creation tool, which allows users to make games, music, movies, art, and more to share with the online community, first launched in Early Access on April 16.

“Since Early Access began, we have seen skilled creators emerge to develop their own original characters and series; build their own fan bases, create viral content, make new genres of games, and collaborate across the world,” Media Molecule communications manager Abbie Heppe said on the PlayStation Blog. “More importantly, we’ve been updating Dreams based on users’ feedback, improving the experience and making it easier than ever to find and make cool content.”

Heppe continued, “We have also been working on a whole host of new things to inspire players at launch, including a totally new introduction to the game, a new season of tutorials, tool improvements, new game content, and a feature-length game, titled Art’s Dream. Art’s Dream was made by us to show the endless possibilities in Dreams; it crosses genres, features some amazing characters, and shows our love of music in a big way.”

Finally, she teased, “We’ve also got some really cool stuff planned for post-launch too… but let’s save that for the next blog post!”