No Straight Roads Level Up Play 2019 Trailer

8 November 2019
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Developer Metronomik has released a new trailer for No Straight Roads as part of Level Up Play 2019, which runs from November 9 to 10 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre in Malaysia.

Watch the No Straight Roads Level Up Play 2019 Trailer

The trailer reveals the game’s English voice talents, which include:

  • Mayday (voiced by Su Ling Chan)
  • Zuke (voiced by Steven Bones)
  • Tatiana (voiced by Priscilla Patrick)
  • DJ Subatomic Supernova (voiced by ‘Uncle’ Ali Imran)
  • Yinu (voiced by Damia Huda)
  • Neon J (voiced by Muhammad Zulhilmi)
  • Sayu (voiced by Nikki Simmons)
  • Eve (voiced by Joanna Bessey)
  • DK West (voiced by Alfred Loh)

No Straight Roads is due out for PlayStation 4 and PC in early 2020.



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