Fortnite Chapter 2 Fortnitemares Challenges Guide

Welcome to the Fortnite Chapter 2 Fortnitemares Challenges Guide. Here you will find out how to complete all the new Halloween 2019 Challenges in Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 2 in Season 1 — between October 29 and November 4, 2019 — on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, Switch & Mobile.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Fortnitemares Challenges List

Fortnitemares returns with a vengeance… An ancient evil has been awoken and ghoulish creatures have invaded the new island. Squad up and face the Storm King head-on!

Secure the Cryptic Curse Bundle in the Item Shop and become the warden of the underworld.

Earn free rewards by completing challenges.

Full Fortnitemares Challenges List:

  • Destroy all haunted household furniture (5)
  • Leap from a Hideout while an opposing player is within 20 metres (1)
  • Search a chest in a haunted forest, a ghost town and a spooky farm (1)
  • Deal damage to Storm king weak points (10,000)
  • Revive teammates while battling the Storm King (3)
  • Defeat the Storm King (1)
Fortnite Chapter 2 – Fortnitemares Haunted Household Furniture Locations Guide
Fortnite Chapter 2 – Fortnitemares Chest Locations Guide
How to defeat the Storm King in Fortnite Chapter 2?

From the main menu, select Play and go into the Storm King game mode, as it’s the only place where you can defeat the Storm King. Build Strategically to defend against deadly aerial attacks, and collect items and resources from the fiend horde to stay in the fight. Get a friendly team together, because if you die without getting revived, you will not complete this challenge even if the Storm King gets defeated by the rest of your team, so you will have to retry the boss fight. Shoot the Storm King’s yellow points on his body to do extra damage, and shoot the white boxes that pop up to do bonus damage to his weak points. To stay alive longer, have some of your team attack the swarm during the boss fight, so you don’t get overrun.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Challenge Guide – How do you beat the Storm King in the Fortnitemares 2019

Additionally, in this event you can earn these new Fortnitemares Medals:

  • Storm King Medal – Broke the Storm King’s first horn
  • Storm King Medal Upgraded – Broke the Storm King’s second horn
  • Storm king Medal Maxed – Defeated the Storm King
  • Monster K.O.
  • Weak spot destroyed

Time to complete Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 2’s Fortnitemares Challenges for Halloween! 🙂

Credits: Epic Games, Harry94 & GuidingLight