Freedom Planet 2 ‘Adventure Mode’ Trailer

GalaxyTrail has released the “Adventure Mode” trailer for Freedom Planet 2.

Watch the Freedom Planet 2 ‘Adventure Mode’ Trailer:

Here is an overview of Adventure Mode, via GalaxyTrail:

“Journey across the three kingdoms of Avalice and beyond in Freedom Planet 2‘s Adventure mode! Explore hub areas, chat with dozens of unique animal citizens, and purchase items and bonus collectibles with the crystals you collect in each stage. Powerful adversaries are causing havoc in each kingdom, and it’s up to you as Lilac the Dragon, Carol the Wildcat, Milla the Hound, or Neera the Frost Knight to thwart their plans!”

Here’s Freedom Planet 2’s artwork gallery. Click on any of these image thumbnails to see the full-size screens:

Freedom Planet 2 is in development for PC and Mac. A demo is available now.