Ring Fit Adventure Controller Accessories Not Available Separately

While looking at the Nintendo Switch eShop you might have noticed there is no digital version of Ring Fit Adventure available as of yet. And Nintendo has not said if there ever will be. Which leads us to these questions…

Can you buy the Ring Fit Adventure ring-con controller separately?

No. As of October 2019 the only way to get the new Ring-Con and Leg Strap accessories is in the physical Ring Fit Adventure Bundle, according to the official Nintendo Store website. Ring Fit Adventure Ring-Con and Leg Strap accessories

What’s in the Ring Fit Adventure Bundle game box?

The game box includes Ring Fit Adventure game, plus the Ring-Con and Leg Strap accessories. Note that the Nintendo Switch console and Joy-Cons that are also needed to play the game are sold separately. Ring Fit Adventure Bundle game box

Coming to the Nintendo Switch console on Friday October 18th, 2019. Ring Fit Adventure is a new type of adventure game, which uses unique accessories that detect and measure the player’s real-world movements and turn them into in-game actions.

The unique new Ring-Con and Leg Strap accessories enable players to explore and battle in the game world using the power of real-world exercise.

Ring Fit Adventure – Overview Trailer

Game Features:

  • Explore a huge fantasy world and defeat enemies using over 40 real-life exercise
  • Jog, Sprint, and high knee through over 100 levels in more than 20 worlds
  • Gather ingredients to craft in-game smoothies for temporary stat boosts
  • Earn in-game currency and unlock stat-boosting gear
  • Precisely control in-game movements with the new Ring-Con and Leg-Strap accessories
  • Play a long-form adventure or shorter minigames suitable for most skill levels and schedules
  • Check your estimated pulse rate with the built-in IR Motion Camera
  • Create custom, full-body workouts to help break a quick sweat and fit your lifestyle
  • Take the Ring-Con accessory for a spin while the game is turned off and keep building experience for your character
Ring Fit Adventure – Reveal Trailer

So I went ahead and pre-ordered the physical Ring Fit Adventure Bundle to get more active with exercising in those dark winter days. But as someone who has a large SD Card in my Switch to get all games digitally, it would have been nice to get the option in the box to get the game on either a physical cartridge or as a digital download code for the Switch eShop.

Are you looking forward to Ring Fit Adventure?