Control Game: How To Unlock All Weapons & Abilities

30 August 2019
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Control Game: How To Unlock All Weapons, Weapon Forms, Weapon Mods & Abilities

This guide shows how to unlock all Control game weapons. The following Control weapons guide explains how to get all new weapons / abilities. We’ll help you look your best in the action-adventure shooter game on the PS4, PC & Xbox One.

Watch the overview below to see all 5 of Control’s Unlockable Weapons & the 5 Abilities.

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Control Game Weapons & Abilities

How To Unlock Weapons: You gain new weapons as you progress through the story, you can improve each weapon by defeating enemies, as they drop the Source material needed to buy weapon upgrades.

How To Unlock Abilities: You gain new abilities as you progress through the main story missions, complete side missions, and by going to the ability skill tree to spend ability points to upgrade your abilities.

What are all 5 weapon forms in Control?

1. Grip (Pistol)
2. Shatter (Shotgun)
3. Spin (SMG)
4. Pierce (Sniper)
5. Charge (Grenade / Rocket Launcher)

What are all 5 abilities in Control?

1. Melee
2. Launch
3. Evade
4. Shield
5. Levitate

Thanks to Maka for the weapon tips.

Do you know of any more Control weapons? Please leave a comment with a tip on how to get it if there are more. We’ll update this weapons page and give you credit for the discovery!


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