Control Game: How To Unlock All Outfits

This guide shows how to unlock all Control game outfits. The following Control outfits guide explains how to get all 7 new outfits / suits. We’ll help you look your best in the action-adventure shooter game on the PS4, PC & Xbox One.

Watch the overview below to see all 7 of Control’s Unlockable Outfits.

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Control Game Outfits

Let’s take a look at all 6 unlockable Control game outfits AKA alternate costumes AKA character skins in the game.

How To Change Outfits In Control: While playing the game, access the main menu by pressing and holding the Square button (PS4) / X button (Xbox One), then select the “Outfits” menu by pressing the X button (PS4) / A button (Xbox One). To equip your custom outfit from the “Outfits” menu, simply select it and change your clothing by pressing the X button (PS4) / A button (Xbox One).

Unlockable Outfits


Control has 6 outfits you can unlock for the main character Jesse Faden. Making for a total of 7 outfits she can wear.

Time needed: 5 minutes

How to unlock the Golden Suit outfit in Control?

  1. First gain Clearance Level 5 access.

    Once you get the Clearance Level 5 key, return to the Luck & Probability department in the Research sector.

  2. Second, from the roulette room go to the nextdoor darkened research room to setup certain items.

    These items have to be setup as follows: On the desk with the green plant, behind the TV, remove the four-leaf-clover. On the desk with the white cat, set the cat paw to be moving. On the desk with Newton’s Cradle, set the balls to be moving from side to side. On the desk with the upright horseshoe, set the opening to face up to the top. On the desk with the orange elephant & Newton’s Cradle, set the balls to be standing still.

  3. Third, win the roulette game by bringing the required items to it.

    You can win the roulette game — by getting number 7 — to unlock the Golden Suit, by bringing items listed on the whiteboard to the roulette table. These items are the nearby golden fish should be laid out next to the roulette table and you should interact with the four-leaf-clover plant. Then turn on all the desk lights in the roulette room. Finally, spin the roulette wheel and walk around to get lucky number 7. Control's roulette room

Timeline for the rest of the Outfits you can unlock in Control:

  • [0:50] – Civilian — Default outfit; already unlocked from the start.
  • [1:20] – Candidate P7 — Unlocked by the time you complete mission 6.
  • [1:57] – Director’s Suit — Unlocked for completing the old office duties before beating the game.
  • [2:34] – Office Assistant — Unlocked after beating the game.
  • [3:14] – Asynchronous — Reach Clearance Level 6 and go to the Research Sector’s Synchronicity Lab to complete the “Self Reflection” mission to unlock it. You can then pick it up in the same lab room in the first room to the left from a crash test dummy.
  • [4:33] – Janitor’s Suit — Best done after beating the game. It’s in the Maintenance Sector (using the Ventilation fast travel point), then head to the Janitor’s Office (follow the in-game signs). Once there, look at the todo board and complete the given “What A Mess” mission. Then go take a rest on the sofa in the Janitor’s Office to unlock the suit.

Thanks to XCV & Maka for the outfit tips.

Do you know of any more Control outfits? Please leave a comment with a tip on how to get it if there are more. We’ll update this outfits page and give you credit for the discovery!