2D Side-Scrolling Action RPG The Oriental Exorcist Announced for PS4 and PC

Publisher Bilibili and Chinese developer Wildfire Game have announced The Oriental Exorcist, a 2D side-scrolling action RPG due out for PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam in 2020.

Watch The Oriental Exorcist Reveal Trailer:

Here is an overview of the game, via its Steam page:

About The Oriental Exorcist

The Oriental Exorcist is a stunning 2D side-scrolling action RPG set in a fictitious oriental world with the infestation of vicious demon monsters. Play as a skilled exorcist against chaotic evil to fight your way through the brutal world, and experience unforeseen entanglements of complex beings.

Key Features

Fantasy World – As a “Exorcist,” you will go through various shapes and forms of area during the way of the execute, all in form of hand-painted, showing the vibrant fantasy world of the East.

Frame-by-Frame Animation – Adopting the hand-drawn frame-by-frame animation method, the battle and actions of the characters in the game makes each stroke of the “Dragon Man” show the best expressiveness and smooth combat experience.

Demon Slayer – Adding Stamina setting to the game, which makes the combat experience more focused on the timing and distance, players can find their own way of “execute” with different types of skills.

Human State – Using cross-line interlude narrative drive stories to present a bloody and fleshy image of the execute, and the people that two protagonists encounter on the way to the execute are hidden behind their own stories.