Pokemon Go: How To Win Team Rocket Battles

Find out in Pokemon Go how to win Team Rocket Battles!

Team GO Rocket has taken over Pokestops in Pokemon Go! These Team GO Rocket Grunts are surprisingly difficult to beat. Here are some tips for battling Team Rocket in Pokémon GO, including how to find out what type of Pokémon they use and how to use Master League Pokémon against them!

Here’s how to beat Team Rocket Battles in Pokemon Go:

After you spin a black Pokestop and the Team Rocket Battle screen opens, it will say a little phrase above the green “BATTLE” start button. Each Team Rocket Grunt will use a single type of Pokemon in his/her battles, that way you can find out what type of Pokemon you’ll be fighting before you start the battle, which will make it a lot easier to defeat them (although using rock-attack Tyranitars works a lot of the time for me).

Here’s the phrases list that determines what type of Pokemon you’ll battle:

  • BUG – Go, my super bug Pokemon!
  • DARK – Wherever is a light, there is also shadow.
  • DRAGON – ROAR! … How’d that sound?
  • ELECTRIC – Get ready to be shocked!
  • FAIRY – Check out my cute Pokémon!
  • FIGHTING – This buff physique isn’t just for show!
  • FIRE – Do you know how hot Pokemon fire breath can get?
  • FLYING – My bird Pokémon wants to battle with you!
  • GHOST – Ke…ke…ke…ke…ke…ke!
  • GRASS – Don’t tangle with us!
  • GROUND – You’ll be defeated into the ground!
  • ICE – You’re gonna be frozen in your tracks.
  • NORMAL – Normal doesn’t mean weak.
  • POISON – Coiled and ready to strike!
  • PSYCHIC – Are you scared of physics that use unseen power?
  • ROCK – Let’s rock and roll!
  • STEEL – You’re no match for my iron will!
  • WATER – These waters are treacherous!
  • RANDOM – Winning is for the winners.
  • RANDOM – Don’t bother, I’ve already won. (Snorlax reward)
  • RANDOM – Get ready to be defeated!

Please share any tips you’ve discovered while defeating Team Go Rocket grunts in battle in Pokemon Go.

Credits: TheSilphRoad & Nick