Fortnite Beach Parties Locations Guide

Welcome to the Fortnite Beach Parties locations guide that helps you find the total of 6 Beach Parties locations for the “14 Days of Summer Challenge” in the PC, Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Mobile & Mac battle royale shooter game.

Finding 1 of 6 Beach Party locations and dancing at them will help unlock this “14 Days of Summer Challenge”.

The Timeline for all these in-game Beach Parties locations is listed below.

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Fortnite Beach Parties

Tip: One of the 14 Days of Summer challenge asks you to “Dance at Different Beach Parties”. There are a total of six Beach Parties around the main Battle Royale map that you need to dance at in order to complete the challenge.

Note: When you successfully dance at a Beach Party, it will come up on the screen saying you have done so. The below video includes the fastest route to each of the Beach Parties (including the map locations), so you could even do it in one game.

Disclaimer: You do not need to dance at all six in one game and as soon as you dance at one it saves straight away, so you could even leave the game if you wanted to.

Where to find all Beach Parties in Fortnite? The in-game collectibles locations for the Beach Parties are described in this detailed video guide.

The Beach Parties are listed in the step-by-step video.

Timeline in minutes for the Beach Parties Locations Guide:

  • [0:00] — Beach Party Location #1: North-west of Lazy Lagoon.
  • [0:20] — Beach Party Location #2: North-west of Loot Lake.
  • [0:40] — Beach Party Location #3: East of Neo Tilted.
  • [1:00] — Beach Party Location #4: South-east of Dusty Divot.
  • [1:17] — Beach Party Location #5: North-west of Paradise Palms.
  • [1:35] — Beach Party Location #6: West of Paradise Palms.

There you go! All Beach Parties in Fortnite are yours! 🙂

I hope these tips helped you get all of the Beach Parties hidden in the game.

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