Layers of Fear 2 Collectibles Locations Guide

9 June 2019
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Layers of Fear 2 Collectibles Locations Guide

Take a look at the Layers of Fear 2 Collectibles locations guide, so you can find 100% of all 37 Layers of Fear 2 Collectibles in the new first-person psychological horror game on the PS4, Xbox One & PC.

Which collectibles are you chasing down in Layers of Fear 2? There’s a lot to collect and you will be rewarded in-game for each new discovery.

The Timeline for all these in-game Collectibles locations is listed below.

Layers of Fear 2 Collectibles

Layers of Fear 2 has 5 Mysterious Items, 11 Photo Slides, 15 Movie Posters and 6 Phonograph interviews.

Tip: There are also 6 different spyglass items to collect but they are all in the same place and covered in a different video. Collectibles won’t be added to your cabin unless you finish the act from which you found them.

Important: After completing the game, start NG+. All your collectibles carry over between each NG+

Note: Posters appear on the wall slightly out of order.

Where to find all Collectibles in Layers of Fear 2? The in-game collectibles locations for the Collectibles are described in this detailed video guide.

The Collectibles are listed in the step-by-step video, in the order that they appear chronologically.

Timeline in minutes for the Collectibles Locations Guide:

Act 1 Collectibles:
00:00 Photo Slide #1 & Phonograph interview #1 are found automatically when you start the game, but you’ll still need to view and listen to them.
00:52 Photo Slide #2
01:16 Movie Poster #1
01:40 Phonograph interview #2
02:05 Movie Poster #2
02:33 Photo Slide #3
02:46 Movie Poster #3

Act 2 Collectibles:
03:13 Photo Slide #4
03:39 Mysterious Item #1 (NG+ I believe)
04:14 Movie Poster #4
04:45 Mysterious Item #2
05:13 Phonograph interview #3
05:52 Photo Slide #5
06:24 Movie Poster #5
06:52 Movie Poster #6

Act 3 Collectibles:
07:20 Photo Slide #6
07:38 Movie Poster #7
07:53 Movie Poster #8
08:17 Photo Slide #7
08:39 Mysterious Item #3 (NG+)
09:25 Phonograph Interview #4
09:40 Movie Posteer #9

Act 4 Collectibles:
10:11 Movie Poster #10
10:38 Phonograph Interview #5
10:59 Photo Slide #8
11:16 Photo Slide #9
11:46 Movie Poster #11
12:02 Movie Poster #12
12:24 Mysterious Item #4
13:02 Mysterious Item #5 (NG+)

Act 5 Collectibles:
14:26 Movie Poster #13
14:47 Photo Slide #10
15:04 Movie Poster #14
15:34 Photo Slide #11
16:02 Movie Poster #15
16:21 Phonograph Interview #6

There you go! All Collectibles in Layers of Fear 2 are yours! ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope these tips helped you get all of the Collectibles hidden in the game.

Please check out our other “How To” guides listed at the top of this page to enjoy Layers of Fear 2 more! ๐Ÿ˜€

Huge thanks to Brian for the guide video and tips.

Please comment if you have any additional Layers of Fear 2 Collectibles location tips of your own, weโ€™ll give you credit for it. – Thanks for visiting!


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