EA Originals Titles from Zoink Games, Glowmade and Hazelight Studios Announced

9 June 2019
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Electronic Arts announced three new EA Originals titles from Zoink Games, Glowmade, and Hazelight Studios for consoles and PC at EA Play 2019.

Check Out the New EA Originals Developer Diary:

EA Originals supports up-and-coming studios by “showcasing unique, innovative games to more players on all platforms.” Previous EA Original titles include Coldwood Interactive’s Unravel and Unravel Two, Zoink Games’ Fe, Hazelight Studios’ A Way Out, and the July 5-due Sea of Solutide from Jo Mei Games.

Here is an overview of each new title, via Electronic Arts:

Zoink Games

Zoink’s Lost in Random is another stand out fantasy action adventure from the studio that brought you the magical EA Originals title, Fe. Lost in Random brings a brand-new spin on the genre, in a blend of strategy and action that explores the notion of chance and possibility, set within a beautifully dark and vivid world.



A co-op Action-RPG, RustHeart follows the player and their handmade robot sidekick as they adventure across a vibrant, alien multiverse. Glowmade’s RustHeart taps into the simple joy of creating in a uniquely cooperative setting: a compelling mix of tactical action-roleplay gameplay, player invention and spray paint.


Hazelight Studios

Hazelight Studios’ continues to cement their reputation for delivering story-driven, co-operative, and highly unexpected experiences, following the success of EA Originals title, A Way Out. Returning with a completely new title, Hazelight’s unannounced game promises to give players a fresh new take on the challenges of working together.


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