Final Fantasy VII Remake New Trailer. Aerith Revealed

Square Enix released a new trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake during today’s PlayStation State of Play broadcast.

Check Out the Final Fantasy VII Remake New Trailer:

English Version

Japanese Version

The one-minute trailer shows various bits of gameplay, and teases more to come in June.

Here is a message from producer Yoshinori Kitase, via the PlayStation Blog:

“Finally…. the long awaited moment has come. Sorry to keep you all waiting so long!

We hope you enjoyed the footage shown during State of Play. It was quite short, but hopefully you enjoyed seeing Cloud and Aerith brought back to life with such realistic graphics.

And oh my god! Did you notice he was there too…?

We are preparing to release more official information in June, but we wanted to try something new here on State of Play by showing you this special trailer as a taste of what’s to come.”

Here’s Final Fantasy VII Remake’s image gallery. Click on any of these image thumbnails to see the full-size screens:

In a tweet, director Tetsuya Nomura added, “Most of the plans are already in place in the run up to launch, so please bear with us a little longer until we can release more information next month.”

Final Fantasy VII Remake is in development for PlayStation 4.