Wall Street Journal: Nintendo to Launch Two New Switch Models in 2019

Nintendo will release two new versions of Switch as early as summer, according to a Wall Street Journal report citing “people familiar with the matter,” which follows up on a report from October 2018.

One new version will have enhanced features targeted at avid gamers, but is not as powerful as PlayStation 4 Pro or Xbox One X, the publication said citing “parts suppliers and software developers for Nintendo who have early access to a prototype of the machine.” The other version is said to be a cheaper option for casual gamers that Nintendo sees as a successor to 3DS.

“You would be wrong to think the enhanced version is similar to what Sony did with PS4 Pro and the other is just a cheap alternative that looks very similar to some past hand-held machines, say, Sony’s PlayStation Vita,” a source told The Wall Street Journal.

The Wall Street Journal also reported that people who have seen the two new versions of Switch said their designs are “different from the original and you’d be surprised.”